5 Seconds Of summer season Announce 2020 Australian arena Tour


In 2020 the 5SOS boys are returning home, kicking off a massive arena tour.

The boys were home to perform in Sunday’s massive Fire Fight Australia fundraiser to raise help money in support of the devastating bushfires.

On Monday, there was more news for fans of the Aussie band made up of Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemmings, and Michael Clifford.

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5 Seconds Of Summer Announce 2020 Australian Arena Tour

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Taking their No Shame arena tour around the world, the boys will be heading back home to round out a massive year.


5 Seconds Of Summer Announce 2020 Australian Arena Tour


Queen Performs Iconic ‘Live Aid’ Set For Fire Fight Australia Bushfire Relief Concert

Queen, fronted by Adam Lambert, has performed the iconic 1985 Live Aid set for the first time at the Fire Fight Australia Bushfire Relief concert.

The tour coincides with the upcoming release of their fourth studio album CALM which hits shelves on March 27.

So far, the boys have released three tracks from Calm, lead single “Easier” was followed by “Teeth” and most recently their third single — and the title of their tour — “No Shame”.

The awesome foursome then heads all across Europe in May before hitting Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

In November the guys then head back home to perform six massive outdoor shows kicking off on the Gold Coast. The boys head to Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle, Melbourne and finish up in the Sydney Opera House forecourt. It’ll be their first tour back home since 2018.



5SOS Beat Jay-Z And Beyoncé To The Top Of The Billboard Charts

It’s a history-making move for the Aussie band.

Tickets go on sale at 1pm on Friday, February 21.

Dates below:

Friday, November 27 — HOTA, Gold Coast

Saturday, November 28 — Riverstage, Brisbane

Monday, November 30 — HBF Stadium, Perth

Wednesday, December 2 — Bar On The Hill, Newcastle

Friday, December 4 — Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne

Saturday, December 5 –Sydney Opera House Forecourt

For more info, you can head to the official 5SOS website here.