Amazon recent now free for high participants within the UK


(Pocket-lint) – Amazon has made its grocery delivery service free for all Prime members in London, with an eye on finally rolling out the service across the rest of the UK by the end of 2020.

Previously £3.99 per month and limited to Greater London and a smattering of additional regions in the south east of England, Amazon Fresh offers food and other groceries for delivery in two-hour windows.

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Amazon Fresh now free for Prime members in the UK

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It first launched in the UK in 2015, having already been available in the States, and can now even deliver same-day on orders placed before 9pm – 2pm was the previous cut-off time.

Free delivery is available on all orders over £40 in value and you must be a Prime member to qualify.

Amazon Fresh now free for Prime members in the UK

Amazon Prime membership currently costs £79 per year or £7.99 per month.


“Prime members love the convenience of grocery delivery at home, which is why we’ve made Amazon Fresh a free benefit of Prime,” said Amazon Fresh UK’s manager, Russell Jones.

“Grocery delivery is one of the fastest growing businesses at Amazon and we think this will be one of the most-loved Prime benefits in the UK. We will keep improving the grocery shopping experience so by the end of the year, millions of Prime members across the UK will have access to fast, free delivery of groceries.”

Major supermarket chains in the UK also offer online deliveries – including Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda – but they often charge for delivery or offer a subscription service if you expect to order several times a month.

Writing by Rik Henderson.