Are you able to assist the most up to date one hundred Database monitor down long-misplaced …


by using Sidd Finch
Jan 20, 2020

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can you assist the freshest a hundred Database observe down lengthy-misplaced …

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A database is an geared up assortment of data, generally saved and accessed electronically from a pc machine. the place databases are extra complicated they’re continuously developed the usage of formal design and modeling ways.
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Are you an enormous fan of triple j’s annual freshest a hundred countdown? Then there’s a chance you may be capable to help the most up to date one hundred Database track down some sought-after info.

For over 30 years now, the triple j most up to date a hundred has gradually risen through the ranks to become the sector’s largest track ballot. From humble beginnings which saw it counting down the highest a hundred tracks of some thousand listeners, it’s now a should-hear adventure, attracting hundreds of thousands of votes every year.

are you able to lend a hand the freshest a hundred Database track down lengthy-lost …

have you ever needed to grasp more about the countdown though? have you ever ever wondered which songs had been eligible for the freshest one hundred but didn’t get sufficient love? have you puzzled which artists positioned numerous occasions each yr, or which usa has charted probably the most instances?

These have been the question that the most up to date one hundred Database tried to respond to when it used to be launched as a fan web site early ultimate decade. gathering tips and figures and mixing it with a wholesome dose of obsession, it’s turn out to be a dependable supply for countdown lovers to learn extra about Australia’s favorite tune ballot, although it’s not affiliated with triple j itself.

over the last yr though, it’s been taking a bit of bit of a damage while it tracks down extra data, confirms quite a few its important points, and searches for new tips on how to pay homage to the nice ballot.

however, the freshest one hundred Database has now asked fanatics of Aussie track to take a look into their own collections to look if they’ve any data which may turn out to be useful.

sure, you’ll have newspaper clippings from the original countdowns, the paper balloting lists that circulated in the ’90s, or even some promotional info that made the rounds. anything else that you’ll have can grow to be a very important piece of the huge data puzzle that the Database hopes to one day full.

the most important thing the website online is having a look out for though is recordings of the outdated countdowns, with these elusive audio documents serving as probably the most most dear pieces of historical past.

Why are these essential to the website? neatly, along with noting information relating to the presenters of each countdown, data from the day, and other outstanding incidents, it additionally helps the website to substantiate which variations of the songs made it in.

recently, a hear of an early countdown printed information about three charting songs that hasn’t been reported somewhere else. which means that it’s possible you’ll be capable to assist dig up some lost historical past if you happen to’ve acquired one of the vital previous recordings!

in the event you’ve received the rest that might be useful to the Database, be sure to get involved by sending an e mail to the web page.

otherwise, the hottest 100 of 2019 is set to take place on Saturday, January 25th on triple j, with the freshest 200 being counted down on Monday, January twenty seventh. If this all sounds a bit of modern for you, then revisit the track of yesteryear on Monday when Double J counts down the hottest one hundred of 1999.

check out Ocean Alley’s ‘self assurance’, which topped the 2018 hottest a hundred: