Australian NBL taken with James Wiseman If He's Ineligible at …


The Australian NBL would be interested in adding projected No. 1 NBA Draft pick James Wiseman if he’s declared ineligible for the season at Memphis.

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Australian NBL Interested In James Wiseman If He's Ineligible at …

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One source with the NBL told Forbes SportsMoney the situation “is a bit complicated with legal action” but that Wiseman would be “a logical fit for the NBL if he was interested.”

In a statement, NBL Commissioner Jeremy Loeliger said of interest in Wiseman:

Australian NBL Interested In James Wiseman If He's Ineligible at …

“Potentially, but it hasn’t even been a discussion yet. These decisions require a lot of due diligence on both sides to ensure it’s in everyone’s best interests. He’s exceptionally talented and of course we’d be interested, but honestly we haven’t even had a conversation with him or his family. I have no idea yet as to whether or not it would suit his plans, his personality or his aspirations.” 

The NBL has made waves this season by adding American stars LaMelo Ball in Illawarra, R.J. Hampton in New Zealand and Terry Armstrong in South East Melbourne as part of its Next Stars program.

The NBL launched a deal with Facebook to leverage the interest in Ball and Hampton among American fans.

Like Wiseman, Ball and Hampton are projected Top 10 NBA picks by, and there has been talk that Ball could be in the mix for the No. 1 overall pick.

The Knicks currently have the NBA’s worst record and are among a handful of teams in early position to land the top pick.

As my Forbes colleague Brendon Kleen wrote, the NCAA on Friday declared Wiseman ineligible after learning that Memphis head coach Penny Hardaway had paid $11,500 for Wiseman’s move from Nashville to Memphis to play at Memphis East High School. Wiseman also played with Team Penny on the Nike EYBL circuit.

“The University of Memphis is enjoying a tremendous period of positive momentum and success on multiple fronts including the excitement surrounding our men’s basketball program,” stated Laird Veatch, University of Memphis Director of Athletics. “This matter is extremely unfortunate and frustrating at this special time in our history. We will continue to be cooperative, respectful and professional in our dealings with the NCAA, while availing ourselves of every resource in the best interests of our student-athletes, our coach, and our University. It is clear to me in my short time here that Memphians will stand up and fight, both for each other and for what is right, and I am proud to stand with them.” 

Wiseman was set to play Friday night against the University of Illinois-Chicago after he was granted a “temporary emergency restraining order.” He went for 28 points, 11 rebounds and 3 blocks in the season-opener against South Carolina State.

“The University of Memphis was notified that James Wiseman is likely ineligible,” the NCAA said in statement Friday. “The university chose to play him and ultimately is responsible for ensuring its student-athletes are eligible to play.”

Going forward, one NCAA source told Forbes SportsMoney Wiseman’s situation “won’t be quick or simple to resolve.”

“Without a temporary court injunction,” the source said, “he’d have to sit until resolved.”

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