Authorities urge warning after Markham mosquitoes check positive for …


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MARKHAM — Authorities are urging warning after mosquitoes inside the home of Markham examined sure for the West Nile Virus.

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Authorities urge warning after Markham mosquitoes check out positive for …

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In a remark launched Friday, the York region neatly being Connection mentioned a mosquito trap with reference to Warden Avenue and parkway 7 is liable for the sure result.

it’s the first sure result of the virus in the house this yr.

Authorities urge warning after Markham mosquitoes test sure for …

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Hamilton bumps West Nile virus possibility after certain mosquitos found out

despite the fact that there have been no confirmed cases of the virus being transmitted to humans this 12 months, public health officials say residents should nevertheless take precautions.

Preventive measures embody hanging off stagnant water in issues equivalent to hen baths and outside ponds, along with eavestroughs and swimming pool covers.

in addition they suggestions warding off early morning and nighttime activities the situation mosquitoes is also existing in better volumes.

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placing the chunk on the West Nile virus

putting the chunk on the West Nile virus

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