Ben Ikin submits resume for Broncos CEO function


Former Bronco turned television analyst Ben Ikin has lodged his application to take charge of the battling Brisbane outfit as their next chief executive.

Ikin, who also played for Queensland and Australia, has been touted as the frontrunner to succeed long time CEO Paul White when he stands down after a 10-year stint at the end of this season.

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Ben Ikin submits resume for Broncos CEO role

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The Broncos have weathered all manner of off-field issues amid a staggering on-field free fall under coach Anthony Seibold in 2020, whose position is up for review at season’s end.

Ikin, now the host of Fox Sports’ NRL 360, confirmed he has tabled his resume at Red Hill, with the CEO position holding understandable appeal despite a disastrous 2020.

Ben Ikin submits resume for Broncos CEO role

“It was a big decision for me because I’ve got a great job with Fox Sports, so I had to get approval from News Corp to have a crack,” Ikin told ABC Radio Brisbane on Tuesday morning.

“I was in, I was out, it’s a $50m turnover business, it’s more than just a footy team. It’s a great opportunity. The resume has gone in, officially.”

Ikin’s pedigree for the role extends well beyond his playing career, which yielded a Broncos premiership in 2000 and 17 Queensland Origin appearances, and success as a TV analyst.

He also served on the Cowboys board that appointed title-winning coach Paul Green and has also been an independent director of the Queensland Rugby League.

If you don’t believe he can solve the problems, then the tough call needs to be made

Ben Ikin on Brisbane coach Anthony Seibold

The Broncos officially advertised for the vacant CEO role last week, with Brisbane Lions boss Greg Swann another with strong claims to take over from White, though he is expected to re-sign with the AFL club.

Should Ikin’s application land him the job at Red Hill he said he would confront Seibold’s future and the endless conjecture around it head on.

“I can’t answer that today,” Ikin said when asked about Seibold’s job security.

“But you would have to know that there are tough conversations that would need to be had.

“Anthony Seibold is on a five-year contract and you have to understand the contract and get a sense from the coach on how he plans to solve the problems of 2020 into the future.

“If you don’t believe he can solve the problems, then the tough call needs to be made.

“But off the back of that conversation, you might decide that the coach the Broncos thought they were getting on the way in is absolutely the coach to lead the club into the future.

“The Broncos have got a lot right [off the field] but, at the moment, the core business isn’t firing. Whoever gets the [chief executive] job, one of their first priorities is to get in there and get that football program firing again.”