BIP's Alisha and Glenn's secret code names published

Alisha and Glenn

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BIP's Alisha and Glenn's secret code names printed

About Alisha
Alisha and its variant spelling Alysha are cognates of the feminine given identify Alicia, a variant of Alice, which comes from the old English identify Æthelhādas or Æðelhādas, meaning “noble natured” (noble of form).

Congratulations guys! How did it feel to watch that finale back?

Glenn: i feel staring at it again ultimate night just transported us again. Sitting there on the sofa with friends and family and having all those thoughts once more used to be fantastic.

BIP's Alisha and Glenn's secret code names printed

Alisha: It was once so fun. We had been sitting on the sofa just ahead of the finale aired and that i used to be like ‘i will’t imagine that in a few hours if I need to take an image of you and put it on my Instagram i will be able to!’

speaking of Instagram, your video montage was once very lovable!

Alisha: I labored on it for like three months after which we had technical difficulties final night time and that i used to be freaking out. in fact Glenn used to be talking me down and pronouncing ‘It’s adequate we’ll figure it out’.

Glenn and Alisha


9 months is a very long time to maintain a relationship secret. Did you guys have code names or something to throw folks off the scent?

Glenn: I was informed to alter the name for your phone as a result of if your cellphone’s buzzing all the time people will see Alisha Aitken Radburn come up so I thought of the code name ‘You’re going to be Bonnie and i’m going to be Clyde’ and to at the present time she’s Bonnie in my cellphone.

Alisha: once in a while he’d put me in a gaggle chat or they’d put me in a group chat they usually’d see that the identify used to be Bonnie.

It’s so nice which you can be open about your relationship in public however is there anything else you’re going to miss now that it’s all out in the open?

Alisha: i think it’s unquestionably a new factor for us. The Instagram stuff is lovely overwhelming and going on this type of shows brings scrutiny i assume in order that’s new for us.

Glenn: Having folks realize you and that, i feel it’s going to be very new for me particularly. i feel with a purpose to take time adjusting but i know that in a few months’ time it will all be forgotten about and we’re simply going to return to our customary lives.

Glenn and Alisha

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Will you guys be staring at this season of The Bachelor with Perth boy Locky?

Alisha: absolutely, I’m going to be doing a recap podcast with Osher so that’s going to be thrilling because you’ve acquired the 2 flavours. Osher’s obviously hosted so many seasons and it’ll be interesting for folks to hear a point of view on purple carpet night time or getting one-on-one time from somebody who’s finished that.

Glenn: all of the just right issues are coming out of Perth.

speaking of, what brought on the large transfer to Perth?

Glenn: It certainly wasn’t within the plan. We’d talked about and we have been going to do long-distance in 2020 as a result of i have my business in Perth and Alisha was once doing things in Sydney but it truly turned into crunch-time when corona took place and the borders had been shutting. We just made the decision for Alisha to come over to Perth three days before the WA borders shut for good.

Alisha: I packed two suitcases and that i reckon those two suitcases of clothes bought me through two or three months. I was once nonetheless paying hire in Sydney and my lady friend packed my automobile filled with just about the rest of our unit and helped me get it shipped over and it arrived maybe a month ago. I’m a full Western Australian now!

And what’s it been like dwelling with Glenn’s brother and his boyfriend?

Glenn: It’s honestly a happy household – Alisha and Marty get along like a home on fire. Me and Neil are so chuffed our companions get along.

Alisha: We’ve been staring at plenty of Rupaul’s Drag Race!



You had relatively an expertise remaining time you had been on Bachelor in Paradise Alisha. What encouraged you to come again?

Alisha: i feel it started with being requested back again in order that was a surprise. I acquired the call and was like ‘good enough this can be a chance.’ I was once a bit of 50/50, no longer as a result of I was once anxious concerning the love component. I in point of fact love The Bachelor and that i’m obsessive about the exhibit and even though it wasn’t a perfect experience for me in any case, I knew that it was once legit and which you can in reality enhance real emotions for folks in that setting.

I was once a little bit anxious from the career point of view because I knew this would be coming as much as my 1/3 express and i was once a little frightened that individuals wouldn’t take me seriously. nevertheless it’s part of my persona and i believe folks can also be multi-faceted – that you could be really hooked in to whatever your profession is and also experience your reality television! I’m so happy that I went again once more, I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

when we first met in Paradise I noticed numerous commentary in particular from the tremendous enthusiasts who were announcing ‘They unquestionably recognize each other and pre-gamed this,’ and we essentially had now not even exchanged a DM. I known as him bloody Greg!

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one of the vital largest talking points this season used to be the nice display of female friendships. Alisha, are you glad the show interested in that slightly than pitting women towards one another for a man?

Alisha: totally, i feel that’s probably the most easiest elements of Paradise. within the real world you’ll go for a date with a dude and you then’ll go have a wine night with your girlfriends and debrief and it’s the same factor in Paradise however you simply have to stroll throughout the pool. I worth those friendships and that i’ve accrued them across all three presentations that I’ve achieved. I’m so happy with Renee – there’s absolutely no manner in hell that I could be in an setting with my ex-boyfriend of a few weeks. i feel lots of people had been looking at thinking ‘How is she doing this?’ however she was so composed and mature and i’m actually happy that she used to be ready to carve her own route in Paradise as smartly.

Glenn, you were in the identical season of The Bachelorette as Ciarran and Timm who become the villains of this season. Did you see that side of them within the mansion?

Glenn: They have been precisely the identical guys within the mansion as they have been in Paradise. There’s quite a lot of emotion always in Paradise where they’re interacting with different solid members while being filmed in contrast to on The Bachelorette. i feel those boys did get caught out a bit of – they had been using excessive on their popularity from The Bachelorette and perhaps they feel sorry about a few of their moves that had been portrayed in Paradise. They were riding high off that however I don’t think any individual saw me on the convey!

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Do you guys stay in contact with anyone from Paradise?

Glenn: Alisha’s obviously in contact with Renee day by day – they’re superb friends and we FaceTime all the time and caught up with them at New year’s. We’ve talked to Jamie, Niranga and Conor and Mary. That used to be an incredible call – we known as Mary on FaceTime and he or she got here on after which out of nowhere Conor’s sat there subsequent to her. We have been blown away that she’d moved to Tasmania- we went wild! they’re the cutest, most wonderful couple.

In simply three months you’ll be able to be celebrating a 12 months collectively. Do you have any anniversary plans?

Alisha: Glenn, get your thinking cap on!

Glenn: It’s simply bizarre to think in three months’ time it is going to be a year! It’s really going to creep up on us so no plans of but however we’ve acquired just a few months to look forward to that.

What’s next for you two? Are there any plans for the longer term?

Glenn: No concrete plans. As quickly as the borders open we’ll be on the primary aircraft over to the east to meet some family and chums but we’re just going to maintain placing out and going out with family and friends. i feel that’s going to be the relaxing part of our relationship, not hiding it and being able to exit for dinner and drinks and not turn down invitations like we have now been.