Canadiens head teach Claude Julien – Alex Belzile may exchange …


Montreal Canadiens head coach Claude Julien said Friday morning that forward Alex Belzile could draw in for Jake Evans in Game 4 against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Evans left the Canadiens’ 4-3 win in Game 3 on Wednesday in the second period after being hit by Penguins forward Brandon Tanev.

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Canadiens head coach Claude Julien: Alex Belzile could replace …

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Belzile, 28, scored seven goals and tallied 14 points in 20 games this season with Laval in the American Hockey League.

Evans, 24, made his postseason debut in Game 3, replacing Jordan Weal. He had two goals and three points in 13 games during the regular season.

Canadiens head coach Claude Julien: Alex Belzile could replace …

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