CFL issues acknowledgement on a purpose of a authority centre


With a 2019 CFL unchanging deteriorate about to flog off, we wish to be as transparent as probable on a purpose of a Command Centre, a customary on that it will control video reviews and a truth behind that standard. The Command Centre will concentration on only overturning calls or non-calls done on a margin where a clear and obvious mistake has been made.  In other words, we do not wish a game officiated from a Command Centre. The officials on a margin have a best clarity of a game and customarily have a higher vantage indicate compared to a camera on a sidelines or in a stands.

The Command Centre is usually a “back up” to correct clear and obvious mistakes – what are infrequently called gross errors. Anyone who has played a game, or cheered for a team, knows how one views any play can be rather subjective. So how do we, as objectively as possible, define clear and obvious?  Clear refers to a prominence of a emanate in question. Can we see, for example, a round clearly on a replay? Or a feet on a sideline? Is a camera angle loyal down a line? Or is it off to a side? Obvious refers to an undoubted anxiety point, such as a yard line, a sideline, or a knee down. Can we simply see, for example, that a hit on a receiver was early? Or do we have to examination to looking during it in delayed motion?

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CFL issues matter on a purpose of a authority centre

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Simply put, we shouldn’t have to watch something several times, or watch during opposite speeds, if it is clear and obvious. Why is clear and obvious our standard? Why not essay to get each singular call right, even if a blunder was reduction than clear and obvious?  We wish to keep a length of Command Centre reviews reasonable. We do not wish video examination to delayed a gait or upsurge of a game. We generally do not wish it to adversely impact a fans’ delight of a game.

Watching players mount around while a Command Centre looks during a play for a prolonged time is simply not fun. We also wish to revoke a sum series of hurdles by creation certain a coaches know they should not use a plea to simply find a second opinion; they should usually use it to challenge clear and obvious mistakes.

CFL issues matter on a purpose of a authority centre

Like each actor and each central in each game, no customary is perfect. But we trust this proceed is in a best interests of a good game.

Randy Ambrosie

Darren Hackwood
Senior Director, Officiating