Chilly Chisel Have introduced a brand new Album, And the primary Single Is Coming next Week


NewsWritten by Alex Gallagher on October 21, 2019

Aussie institution Cold Chisel have well and truly gotten the band back together.

Fresh from announcing a massive Blood Moon outdoors national tour for early next year, Barnesy and co. have revealed they’ll have a new album with the same name out by the end of 2019.

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Cold Chisel Have Announced A New Album, And The First Single Is Coming Next Week

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Plus, we won’t have to wait too long to hear the first single – the appropriately titled ‘Getting the Band Back Together’ will be released next Thursday, 31st October. Written by the band’s main songwriter Don Walker, it sees Barnes and guitarist Ian Moss trading vocal lines with one another.

“The album covers a lot of ground lyrically and musically”, says Walker about Blood Moon.

Cold Chisel Have Announced A New Album, And The First Single Is Coming Next Week

“’Getting The Band Back Together’ seemed like the right sentiment to accompany the tour but the album itself has a lot of songs that are darker than that, and a few quieter ones too. It’s great to still be making new music and finding new ways to do it after all these years.”

Recorded in Sydney throughout August and September this year with the band’s long-time producer Kevin Shirley, it’ll be the first new record in around four years for the boys, after releasing eighth studio album The Perfect Crime back in 2015.

In other Chisel news, the band have expanded their Blood Moon national tour, adding an additional date at Sirromet Wines on Sunday, 9th February. Nab tickets here.