College GameDay staff Makes Week 7 Picks For 2019 Season


Desmond Howard on the College GameDay set.BRISTOL, TN – SEPTEMBER 10: ESPN’s Desmond Howard and Rece Davis on set all over college Gameday previous to the sport between the Virginia Tech Hokies and the Tennessee Volunteers at Bristol Motor Speedway on September 10, 2016 in Bristol, Tennessee. (photograph by means of Michael Shroyer/Getty pictures)

With faculty GameDay at LSU on Saturday morning in advance of the staff’s big competition sport in opposition to Florida, ESPN went out and got an ideal celebrity visitor picker. movie/tv megastar John Goodman joined the convey to assist the staff make its picks. Goodman lives in New Orleans and is a big Tigers supporter.

Goodman, to no person’s surprise, picked LSU to upend the Gators and stay undefeated.

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faculty GameDay workforce Makes Week 7 Picks For 2019 Season

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Lee Corso agreed with Goodman’s choose. He took the Tigers to win at house as neatly.

Let’s check out who Goodman, Corso, Kirk Herbstreit and Desmond Howard picked for this week’s largest games.

college GameDay team of workers Makes Week 7 Picks For 2019 Season

Villanova vs. James Madison

Desmond Howard: James Madison

John Goodman: James Madison

Lee Corso: James Madison

Kirk Herbstreit: James Madison

Northern Iowa vs. North Dakota State

Desmond Howard: North Dakota State

John Goodman: North Dakota State

Lee Corso: North Dakota State

Kirk Herbstreit: North Dakota State

Hawaii vs. Boise State

Desmond Howard: Boise State

John Goodman: Boise State

Lee Corso: Boise State

Kirk Herbstreit: Boise State

Memphis vs. Temple

Desmond Howard: Memphis

John Goodman: Temple

Lee Corso: Memphis

Kirk Herbstreit: Memphis

Michigan State vs. Wisconsin

Desmond Howard: Wisconsin

John Goodman: Wisconsin

Lee Corso: Wisconsin

Kirk Herbstreit: Wisconsin

Nebraska vs. Minnesota

Desmond Howard: Minnesota

John Goodman: Minnesota

Lee Corso: Nebraska

Kirk Herbstreit: Nebraska

Penn State vs. Iowa

Desmond Howard: Penn State

John Goodman: Iowa

Lee Corso: Penn State

Kirk Herbstreit: Penn State

USC vs. Notre Dame

Desmond Howard: Notre Dame

John Goodman: Notre Dame

Lee Corso: Notre Dame

Kirk Herbstreit: Notre Dame

Alabama vs. Texas AM

Desmond Howard: Alabama

John Goodman: Alabama

Lee Corso: Alabama

Kirk Herbstreit: Alabama

Iowa State vs. West Virginia

Desmond Howard: Iowa State

John Goodman: Iowa State

Lee Corso: Iowa State

Kirk Herbstreit: Iowa State

Baylor vs. Texas Tech

Desmond Howard: Baylor

John Goodman: Baylor

Lee Corso: Baylor

Kirk Herbstreit: Baylor

Oklahoma vs. Texas

Desmond Howard: Oklahoma

John Goodman: Oklahoma

Lee Corso: Oklahoma

Kirk Herbstreit: Texas

Florida vs. LSU

Desmond Howard: LSU

John Goodman: LSU

Lee Corso: LSU

Kirk Herbstreit: No pick, calling game

LSU and Florida kick off at 8:00 PM ET on ESPN.

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