Colombia vs Chile – en vivo minuto a minuto del amistoso por la …


Colombia y Chile empataron en Alicante, España. Buen examen para los hombres de Queiroz que completaron su cuarto empate de manera consecutiva. Ahora se vendrá Argelia, el campeón de África será el rival de la ‘Tricolor’ este próximo 15 de octubre en territorio europeo.

MIN 93: Termina mucho mejor Colombia que Chile.

About Colombia
Colombia ( (pay attention) okayə-LUM-bee-ə, -⁠LOM-; Spanish: [koˈlombja] (hear)), officially the Republic of Colombia (Spanish: República de Colombia ), is a rustic mostly positioned in the north of South america, with land, and territories in North america. Colombia is bounded on the north through the Caribbean Sea, the northwest with the aid of Panama, the south by using each Ecuador and Peru, the east through Venezuela, the southeast by using Brazil and the west through the Pacific. It comprises thirty-two departments, with the capital in Bogotá.
Colombia is ethnically and linguistically numerous, with its wealthy cultural heritage reflecting influences by quite a lot of Amerindian civilizations, European settlement, pressured African labor, and immigration from Europe and the greater center East. urban centres are targeted in the Andean highlands and the Caribbean coast.
Colombia has been inhabited with the aid of various American Indian peoples on account that as a minimum 12,000 BCE, including the Muisca, Quimbaya, and the Tairona, along with the Inca Empire that accelerated to the southwest of the united states of america. Spaniards arrived in 1499 and by using the mid-16th century annexed a part of the region, establishing the brand new Kingdom of Granada, with Santafé de Bogotá as its capital. Independence from Spain used to be performed in 1819, however through 1830 the Gran Colombia Federation was once dissolved, with what is now Colombia and Panama rising because the Republic of recent Granada. the new sovereign state experimented with federalism as the Granadine Confederation (1858), and then the united states of Colombia (1863), before the Republic of Colombia was ultimately declared in 1886. Panama seceded in 1903, leading to Colombia’s present borders. beginning in the Nineteen Sixties, the us of a suffered from an asymmetric low-intensity armed warfare and political violence, both of which escalated within the Nineteen Nineties. due to the fact that 2005, there has been vital improvement in safety, balance, and rule of legislation.Colombia has the 2nd-best biodiversity on the earth, and is likely one of the world’s 17 megadiverse countries; its territory encompasses Amazon rainforest, highlands, grasslands, deserts, islands and coastlines alongside each the Atlantic and Pacific (the only us of a in South the usa).
Colombia is the one NATO world companion in Latin america. It is a part of the CIVETS staff of major emerging markets and a member of the UN, the WTO, the OAS, the Pacific Alliance, and different global organizations. Colombia’s diverse economy is the 0.33 biggest in South the united states, with macroeconomic stability and favorable lengthy-term increase prospects.

Colombia vs Chile: en vivo minuto a minuto del amistoso por la …

About Chile:

MIN 92: Entra Esteban Pavez y Rueda retira a una de las figuras del conjunto chileno, Arturo Vidal.

– Se jugarán tres minutos más en España.

Colombia vs Chile: en vivo minuto a minuto del amistoso por la …

MIN 89: Un simple espectador en este segundo tiempo ha sido el arquero David Ospina. Sin problema alguno el arco nacional en estos forty five minutos.

MIN 88: Quinto cambio en Chile. Ingresa Felipe Mora y se va del partido Alexis Sánchez.

MIN eighty five: Se vienen nuevos cambios tanto en Chile como en Colombia.

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