Covid 19 coronavirus – Michael Woodhouse's isolation homeless …


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It has been published a homeless individual did in reality stay in managed isolation at Auckland’s Crowne Plaza hotel, however he had every right to be there.

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Covid 19 coronavirus: Michael Woodhouse's isolation homeless …

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national MP Michael Woodhouse – who used to be well being spokesperson on the time – claimed in June that a homeless man had breached safety to sneak into the hotel and stay for free.

Woodhouse claimed the person had not back from out of the country, however documents obtained by using Checkpoint mostly debunk the claim Woodhouse made on Newshub’s AM show on 18 June.

Covid 19 coronavirus: Michael Woodhouse's isolation homeless …


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After a radical investigation, the All of presidency Response crew discovered an unnamed man had in truth returned to Auckland on a flight from Melbourne and accessed the lodge legitimately.

despite a lack of any proof of one of these security breach, nationwide leader Judith Collins continues to back Woodhouse.

He claimed a homeless man joined the queue at a steady Covid-19 managed isolation facility, entered undetected and loved two weeks of foods, luxurious accommodation and baths on the taxpayer. In Parliament, Woodhouse demanded that the claims be investigated.

documents launched below the reputable information Act convey the allegation precipitated an intensive, taxpayer-funded inner review of all 1706 individuals who had stayed at Auckland’s Crowne Plaza up until 22 June.

The assessment turned up just one individual of hobby: a person without a fastened domicile who was up to now recognized to hotel personnel as a result of he frequented the Crowne Plaza.

“He would ceaselessly come into the hotel to replace cash for cash or to make use of the toilet amenities,” the hotel stated in a remark.


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Inquiries demonstrated however that the man entered New Zealand from overseas, arriving on a flight from Melbourne on the date detailed when he checked in.

the other 1705 people who had stayed on the Crowne Plaza have been additionally established as legit out of the country arrivals.


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different documents expose overseas arrivals on the Crowne Plaza were most effective allowed off the bus and into the resort when directed through group of workers.

the process on the hotel means no person might walk in off the street and take a look at into the resort without being recognized and arrivals are ushered off arriving buses either in my opinion or in small groups.

Tight tactics at the hotel were backed up by guests who shared their memories with Checkpoint.

Woodhouse, Collins stay unwavering

national MP Michael Woodhouse. photograph / Mark Mitchell

despite the evidence towards his claim, Woodhouse has been resolute in sticking to it

“The absence of any evidence that it did occur shouldn’t be evidence that it did not,” he told Checkpoint on June 24.

“In any adventure, if they have gone to such lengths to verify the story, they surely acknowledge by means of those moves that it could possibly have happened. i’ve an extraordinarily dependable supply who has instructed me what they imagine to be proper and i’ve communicated that. I stand by using the feedback that i have made.”


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Woodhouse was no longer so eager to talk as of late then again, with a large number of calls and messages going unanswered.

Collins backed her MP when approached out of doors Auckland Airport on Tuesday morning.

“he’s advised me some time in the past that he had the assurance of a senior scientific practitioner. I’ve taken his phrase,” she mentioned.

Collins used to be dismissive when asked in regards to the findings of officials having a look into the allegation.

“just since the authorities cannot to find the rest, i would not concern about that.”

She again repeated her toughen for Woodhouse when challenged about it on Checkpoint on Tuesday evening.


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“he is been very clear to me that he has not misled me. Michael Woodhouse has been very plain to me that the information he had was once from the senior medical practitioner.”

She mentioned she did not imagine it was the identical one who leaked important points of Covid-19 sufferers to Woodhouse.

“i have been very specific,” in soliciting for clarity, she stated.

“i didn’t ask him for a supply … it is important to that when folks present information to the opposition in truth and accurately, that we’re not going to head round day trip them for it.

“i am now not going to doubt the words of my colleague.”

cost of investigation nonetheless now not public

Housing Minister Megan Woods right through the weekly managed isolation and quarantine replace. picture / Mark Mitchell

Checkpoint has asked for the monetary cost of investigating Woodhouse’s claims, however is but to listen to again. on the other hand, the documents released to Checkpoint showed the probe incorporated poring over hours of CCTV pictures from the Crowne Plaza.


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officers additionally sought and were granted get right of entry to to CCTV photos from the neighbouring Huawei constructing on Auckland’s Albert St.

none of the pictures confirmed a person sneaking into the lodge.

The minister answerable for isolation services, Megan Woods, said it was time for Woodhouse to retract his declare.

“We very quickly, as soon because the allegation used to be made, moved to analyze it, since the allegation was once a major one. It used to be that the security of one of our managed isolation amenities may be breached, in a method that Mr Woodhouse is suggesting.

“we have now spent many body of workers hours reviewing data of individuals, CCTV footage, making sure we didn’t have these gaps in our safety. i’m assured we do not.”



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