Dancing On Ice – What happened to Caprice Bourret?

Viewers demand solutions as she ‘elements method’ with skilled Hamish Gaman.


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Caprice Bourret used to be absent from this week’s Dancing On Ice because it used to be introduced she had “parted ways” with Hamish.

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Dancing On Ice: What took place to Caprice Bourret?

About took place

Dancing On Ice viewers had been left puzzled and stressful solutions as variation Caprice Bourret was a no-exhibit for Sunday’s reside express.

individuals observed Caprice wasn’t within the opening quantity, and started to ask why the megastar wasn’t included.

Dancing On Ice: What happened to Caprice Bourret?

Following the outlet quantity, ITV released a commentary explaining that Caprice remains to be in the competitors, however has parted methods with skilled skater Hamish Gaman.

Caprice and Hamish have “parted ways”.


The statement read: “sadly, Caprice and Hamish have parted methods.

“As you saw in our opening quantity Hamish continues to be very a lot part of our skilled crew and we hope to have Caprice again on the ice next week.”

as it stands, there was no more knowledge on the mysterious absence of Caprice.

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