Dennis Quaid, sixty five, publicizes rendezvous to Laura Savoie, 26


Actor Dennis Quaid, of such latest transport as A canine’s experience and A dog’s goal, announced his rendezvous to Laura Savoie, a 26-12 months-previous college of Texas scholar, on Monday.

After simply 4 months of relationship, Quaid, sixty five, popped a query since a integrate have been in Hawaii.

About Dennis
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Dennis Quaid, sixty five, pronounces rendezvous to Laura Savoie, 26

About Quaid,

“It took place on a really northernmost turn of Oahu, during Turtle Bay,” Quaid common with extra only hours after a nightfall proposal. “It used to be kind of spontaneous. It was really a lot a shock. we had a ring in my pocket. …. It has been roughly a month-and-a-half of plan. … i indispensable it to be non-public.”

He delivered, “She was once if law be told holding a selfie of us, and that i put a ring in opening and mentioned, ‘Will we marry me?’ — and afterwards she fell down.”

Dennis Quaid, sixty five, publicizes rendezvous to Laura Savoie, 26

This outlines Quaid’s fourth probable marriage. He was in a past married to singer P.J. Soles (1978-1983); Meg Ryan, with whom he shares son Jack Quaid (1991-2001); and Kimberly Buffington, with whom he shares twins Thomas and Zoe (2004-2018).

He was once also as shortly as quickly intent to singer Lea Thompson, who quipped on Twitter concerning a information, “She was -10 when we used to be intent to him.”

The four-decade age disproportion between Quaid and Savoie combined sincerely a greeting on amicable media. yet nothing improved than Elaine Hendrix’s, who achieved Meredith Blake, Nick Parker’s (Quaid) 26-year-old gold-digging fiancée on 1998’s The silent or father entice. Spoiler alert: The pair’s characters didn’t shutting extensive collectively when his twin daughters held breeze of her loyal intentions.

Hendrix gave a news a retweet, writing, “be clever for those twins.”

That said, mazel!