Dozens damage after Air India specific aircraft from Dubai crash-lands in …


At least 15 people are dead and dozens more injured after an Air India Express flight crash-landed at Kozhikode International Airport in Calicut, located in the state of Kerala.

The flight was arriving from Dubai when it skidded off the runway during landing, according to the civil aviation ministry.

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Dozens hurt after Air India Express plane from Dubai crash-lands in …

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The ministry said 191 passengers and crew were on board the Boeing-737 at the time, including ten infants. At least 35 others have been injured, a spokesperson said.

The Kerala state police chief said at least four passengers remain trapped in the wreckage.

Dozens hurt after Air India Express plane from Dubai crash-lands in …

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“As per the initial reports rescue operations are on and passengers are being taken to hospital for medical care,” the civil aviation ministry said in the statement.

It added that there was no fire onboard the Boeing aircraft.

Air India previously said that “several passengers” are injured.

It was a repatriation flight operated by the government to bring Indians home during international travel restrictions due to the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Photos from the scene, posted on Twitter, appear to show the aircraft split into two pieces. Ambulances and other emergency services also appear to be on the scene, according to video from NDTV.

The incident occurred during heavy rainfall in the region, as India is in the midst of its monsoon season, BBC reported.

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