Dragons show blasts 'egocentric' Vaughan over 'disappointing' breach


A visibly seething Paul McGregor has put his giant name ahead Paul Vaughan on blast for the “egocentric” strikes that ended in the NRL standing him down for a biosecurity breach.

beforehand of his facet’s 24-16 loss to the Roosters on Thursday.

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Dragons blasts 'selfish' Vaughan over 'disappointing' breach

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Vaughan admitted to 9 news that he was on the cafe, although he denied the usage of a false establish at the venue to flee detection.

Fronting the media after his facet’s belated ANZAC memorial clash, McGregor did not mince his phrases when requested as to the absence of his senior participant.

Dragons educate blasts 'egocentric' Vaughan over 'disappointing' breach

“Yeah, that is disappointing,” McGregor informed journalists at his put up-in form press convention. “that is very disappointing.

“once I got informed of what he had accomplished and that it was going to the Integrity Unit over COVID. We’re smartly aware of what our tasks are. We talk about continuously so there’s no lead to if truth be told for it apart from, it was as soon as a egocentric behaviour in fact.

“it may be no longer what you need from certainly one in every of your senior players, and any individual which is so vital to your footy crew.

“i have not spoken to him (but). it’s simply behaviour that he should no longer do. We spoke about irrespective of it takes and wanting to do the correct thing by the use of one every other and the game, everyone has bought to have some sacrifices and that’s merely certainly one of them.”

Paul McGregor talks to the media after the in shape.

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Trent Robinson talks to the media after the match.

7 hours ago06:45

Andrew Johns has issued some sound recommendation for Kyle Flanagan to assist to seek out his means again into the Roosters facet.

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Paul McGregor has taken goal at Paul Vaughan over his COVID breach. (Getty) (Getty)

after he too was once once noticed eating alongside with his associate at an Italian restaurant in Leichhardt.

whereas appearing NRL CEO Andrew Abdo presented the “regrettable resolution” to stand down the pair,

“i feel this can be a get up title to all our members, all of our gamers, all of our reinforce workforce. That if we continue to do this, even forgetting about this year, it jeopardises the game for future generations,” V’landys knowledgeable the Sydney Morning Herald.

Paul Vaughan (Getty)

“because if we do not finish this yr, it’ll have consequential effects on future generations – including themselves. for the reason that pain might be felt throughout the subsequent two or three years.

“they’re only hurting themselves. they will have to unite themselves and do the suitable factor for the sport. care for this as a serious warning call.”