Dutch bike owner Fabio Jakobsen to be woken from coma after Tour of …


docs will attempt to wake Dutch bicycle owner Fabio Jakobsen from a medically-triggered coma on Thursday, a day after the 23-year-old rider suffered a significant crash on the Tour of Poland.

Jakobsen “is currently on an intensive care unit in steady situation,” Pawel Gruenpeter, deputy head of a Sosnowiec-based health center mentioned all through a press briefing in keeping with the Polish Press agency PAP.

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Dutch bicycle owner Fabio Jakobsen to be woken from coma after Tour of …

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“these days we can attempt to wake him from the coma. Then we can know what his situation is.”

Jakobsen suffered severe accidents to the head and face but his eyes weren’t broken, the reputable said.

Dutch bike owner Fabio Jakobsen to be woken from coma after Tour of …

an additional replace on his condition is expected in a while Thursday.

The bicycle owner underwent a five-hour operation after hitting obstacles when he and fellow Dutchman Dylan Groenewegen collided in a downhill sprint just prior to the outlet-stage finish line in Katowice.

Race physician Barbara Jerschina told Polish Polsat television that Jakobsen’s situation was once very severe.

She said the athlete had been efficiently intubated and his lungs have been free.

“Our thoughts and our prayers go to Fabio Jakobsen,” his staff Deceuninck-fast Step mentioned.

The staff later released a statement that mentioned assessments on Jakobsen didn’t disclose brain or spinal accidents presently.

Groenewegen was once disqualified and barred from the 2020 race after the crash.

The UCI deemed Groenewegen’s behaviour “unacceptable” and “instantly referred the subject to the disciplinary commission to request the imposition of sanctions commensurate with the seriousness of the facts”.

“Our federation is wholeheartedly with the affected riders,” the UCI stated.

German cyclist Simon Geschke criticised organisers for keeping the dash finish to the stage on a pointy downhill.

“annually the same silly downhill dash in the @Tour_de_Pologne,” the 34-yr-old Berliner wrote on Twitter.

“annually i ask myself why the organization thinks it’s a good suggestion. Bunch sprints are bad enough, you don’t need a downhill end with 80kph!”

The crash came one year after Belgian bike owner Bjorg Lambrecht died at the 2019 Tour of Poland.

The 22-yr-old Lotto-Soudal rider died after crashing into a concrete hindrance during a stage from Chorzow to Zabrze.