Eerie photos exhibit orange-tinged smoke from Chobham in style fireplace


scorching temperatures attaining highs of 31C are anticipated at some point of the weekend in the Chobham space

a fire truck makes its method throughout the common among clouds of smoke (image: Surrey Advertiser – Grahame Larter)

The Chobham in style fire has been burning for just about 24 hours and multiple fire crews are anticipated to remain on the scene all over the weekend.

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Eerie pictures express orange-tinged smoke from Chobham popular hearth

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homes with regards to the blaze had been evacuated and Surrey Police has requested people to stay clear of the common and the surrounding area on Saturday (August eight).

Surrey hearth and Rescue service (SFRS) was once at the beginning called to the scene shortly after 12.30pm on Friday (August 7).

Eerie images exhibit orange-tinged smoke from Chobham widespread fireplace

The blaze could be viewed from areas a few miles away, with some reporting seeing smoke from The Shard in London. At its height, SFRS says the fireplace unfold to around 150 acres.

On Twitter, SFRS wrote: “Crews remain on scene at the fireplace on Chobham popular which spread to around one hundred fifty acres at its peak.

“in a single day the cooling temperatures arduous work of crews contained the spread but we’re expecting firefighters to be on scene in the course of the day. Please avoid the world for your personal safety.”

SurreyLive photographer Grahame Larter headed out on Friday to take a sequence of pictures from a safe distance in the Staple Hill house, taking a look north of the M3.

The gallery below showcases those photos. Grahame captured some eerie and surreal pictures, as smoke from the heath fire used to be tinged with orange from the sunset.

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