El Paso native Cheyenne Hernandez stars in “The Tax Collector …


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — It’s been an extended highway to Hollywood for Cheyenne Hernandez, then again now she’s pinching herself.

The El Paso native and Franklin highschool graduate appears alongside George Lopez and Shia LeBeouf in Director David Ayer’s “The Tax Collector,” which begins streaming as of late on Amazon high, Apple tv and Google Play. The film, set in South la, follows David (performed by using using Bobby Soto) and Creeper (LeBeouf), who acquire payments for street gangs.

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El Paso native Cheyenne Hernandez stars in “The Tax Collector …

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Hernandez stars as Gata, a villain in the film. “a large number of practise went into being Gata,” she talked about. “I was put in MMA, so I would possibly do all my very personal stuff. You learn to be ferocious.

“It’s odd to look myself as my personality,” she delivered, pronouncing that a pal used to be shocked by using how totally different Gata is from Hernandez. “so much went in that — to be that crazy.”

El Paso native Cheyenne Hernandez stars in “The Tax Collector …

in advance of she obtained her begin in motion footage, Hernandez enlisted within the U.S. military, following in her grandfather’s footsteps. then again, she always knew she wished to behave. “My brother was once at all times proper there with me, and jointly we would possibly recreate classified ads and power our oldsters loopy with our little magic shows and stuff like that,” she said.

“So, when I offered out of the military, I merely more or less went for it,” Hernandez delivered. “I moved to Hollywood. I used to be dwelling out of a automobile, and i simply showered on the gymnasium or sofa surfed where I could.”

these daring strikes are what resulted in her position within the movie. “I was interning for an showing application, after which it simply roughly took place,” she said. “It used to be actually from sooner or later to the subsequent the place I was once in a in reality, really horrific place in lifestyles to the place i used to be driving to work with George Lopez, Shia LeBeouf, David Ayer. I had to pinch myself everyday.”

Hernandez stated her experience throughout the militia helped her in Hollywood — Ayer was inside the U.S. Navy, so the 2 take to each other when he realized of her supplier. “It used to be just that kindred spirit that we had; we had been fast chums.”

Hernandez said she has a few considerations in the works that she will be able to’t yet talk about, however said she’s prepared for extra work. “with a bit of luck that works out, and that i’m just hungry. I’m for my subsequent function, I’m hungry for the following huge factor. I’m excited.”

despite being on the big display, Hernandez says El Paso helps her maintain grounded. “i’ve it pretty just right for the time being. i have an unbelievable domestic and a great enhance team. And amazing buddies.”

she will now depend Lopez among these friends; and one who she can go to for recommendation when she wants lend a hand. “George is (like), ‘Mija, hear,” she stated with amusing. “I’m lovely blessed.”

Hernandez additionally seems in 2017’s “The Cleaner and the Deadman” and “Hawaii 5-zero” in 2010.

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