Emmanuel Sanders trade grades – 49ers get their No. 1 receiver …


The NFL trade deadline is a week away, but the San Francisco 49ers acquired a No. 1 wide receiver they coveted. San Francisco wasn’t able to strike a deal for Mohamed Sanu, but landed a more accomplished wide receiver in Emmanuel Sanders. The 49ers traded away a 2020 third and fourth-round pick (read CBS Sports NFL writer Will Brinson’s analysis here) to the Denver Broncos in exchange for Sanders and a 2020 fifth-round pick.

Here are the trade grades for each team:

About Emmanuel
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Emmanuel Sanders trade grades: 49ers get their No. 1 receiver …

About Sanders
Sanders may refer to:

49ers receive:

49ers trade grade: B-

The 49ers needed a No. 1 wide receiver for quarterback Jimmy Garropolo and paid a steep price to get Sanders, who will be a free agent after the season. Sanders is owed just over $6 million for the final nine games of his season, but also won’t get a bye week since the 49ers had theirs in Week 4. San Francisco gets Sanders for 10 games as the 49ers wanted him for Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers, which likely upped the trade price a bit. The 49ers parted ways with a third and fourth-round pick to get Sanders, leaving them with a first, two fifths, sixth and two sevenths. San Francisco traded its second-round pick to the Kansas City Chiefs in the Dee Ford deal. 

Sanders has 30 catches for 367 yards and two touchdowns (12.2 yards per catch) in seven games, with three games over 80 yards and one 100-yard game. Keep in mind he’s been the No. 1 receiver in a pitiful Denver offense with Joe Flacco at quarterback and one of the worst pass protecting offensive lines in the game. He’ll become the No. 1 wideout on the outside with Marquise Goodwin lining up opposite him and Dante Pettis in the slot. Don’t forget Deebo Samuel will be in the mix once he returns from a groin injury. The 49ers leading wide receiver was Goodwin, who had 11 catches for 181 yards and a touchdown … so Sanders was needed to free up the vertical passing game. Tight end George Kittle should see more targets in the middle of the field with Sanders in the fold. Garropolo has a high completion percentage (68.3) and his yards per attempt (7.9) should go up. The 49ers passing game is better, but they paid a high price for a 32-year old wide receiver who may not be on the roster next year and has missed four games in each of the last two years. 

Emmanuel Sanders trade grades: 49ers get their No. 1 receiver …

CBS Sports Senior fantasy writer Dave Richard provided an in-depth breakdown of the fantasy ramifications of the Sanders trade — for both sides — that you don’t want to miss out on.

Broncos trade grade: B+

Kudos to Denver for finally realizing it isn’t winning the AFC West in 2019 nor will compete for a playoff berth. The Broncos announced they are sellers with trading away Sanders, getting a third and fourth-round pick for him as they attempt to rebuild their roster. Denver now has a first, second, three thirds, two fourths, a fifth, and a seventh. With seven picks in the first four rounds, the Broncos can rebuild their offensive line and get more pass catchers for Drew Lock, who should get the remainder of the 2019 season (when he returns) and the 2020 campaign to see if he is Denver’s quarterback of the future. Denver can receive more of a draft haul by trading away cornerback Chris Harris and potentially striking a mega-deal for defensive end//linebacker Von Miller. The Broncos have a good defense, but just didn’t have the offense to compete for a playoff spot as they sit two games behind the Houston Texans for the final playoff spot in the AFC. 

With Sanders traded, the Broncos will turn to their young receivers to provide some life into an offense that scores just 16 points per game (29th in NFL) and converts just 29.67% on third down (also 29th). DaeSean Hamilton should get a boost in targets with Courtland Sutton still lining up as the No. 2 and Diontae Spencer potentially going into the slot. The Broncos will take a hit on offense, but they are a run-first team anyway. They are sellers at the deadline, which is the most important development. 

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