England avid gamers return to motion as Suncorp super Netball League …


Chelsea Pitman, Stacey Francis and Kate Shimmin were among the first England Netball gamers again in motion for their golf equipment after Australia’s Suncorp league began following a three-month wait as a result of coronavirus.

The 2020 Suncorp season, which was once originally scheduled to start on could 2 however used to be postponed in mild of the pandemic, is happening across three completely different venues in Queensland within the north-east of the u . s . a ..

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England avid gamers return to action as Suncorp tremendous Netball League ...

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Pitman and defender Shimmin were back in action for Adelaide Thunderbirds in opposition to England teammate Francis of West Coast Fever. The Thunderbirds suffered a seventy six-62 loss on the Nissan arena in Brisbane within the day’s 2d in shape.

prior, Sunshine Coast Lightning launched the season with a sixty six-forty eight win towards the Queensland Firebirds.

England players return to motion as Suncorp super Netball League ...

England Commonwealth gold medallists Housby and Nathalie Haythornthwaite will return to court docket tomorrow for reigning champions New South Wales Swifts, who need to protect their title despite the compact, revised time table, with organisers intending to finish a full 60-suit season.