Enthusiasts exhibit their very own cover artwork Designs for Pop Smoke's …


Pop Smoke’s legacy will indubitably continue to exist through his tune and enthusiasts.

due to the fact that Virgil Abloh dropped the ball with the quilt artwork he created for Pop’s posthumous album, Shoot for the celebrities, intention for the Moon, fanatics determined to indicate their appreciation for the rapper by way of showcasing how they’d’ve created the quilt. These artists took to Twitter the place they flooded the timeline with conceptual items that commemorate the late rapper and his upcoming endeavor. 

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fanatics show off their own cover paintings Designs for Pop Smoke's …

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Gibson Hazard, who’s worked on Drake’s Aubrey and the Three Amigos Tour and with Lil Uzi Vert, additionally shared some quilt art he created.

The tides turned into on Virgil when Pop Smoke’s supervisor, Steven Victor, revealed the album’s duvet artwork on Monday. fanatics felt that extra effort can have been put into the concept, high them to respond with trolls and their very personal tackle the work. in consequence, Victor announced that they may well be transforming the quilt art work. also, 50 Cent—who signed on to be the album’s govt producer—steered Virgil to return to the planning stage.  

fans sing their own praises their very own quilt art Designs for Pop Smoke's …