Examine – No, Nancy Pelosi would not turn into president on Jan. 20 if …


On social media, #PresidentPelosi started out trending Thursday morning, following a Tweet from President Trump about trying to lengthen the election.

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examine: No, Nancy Pelosi would not become president on Jan. 20 if …

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Alexandra Pelosi (born 1970), American journalist, documentary filmmaker, writer, and daughter of Nancy Pelosi
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If Congress took the extraordinarily not really motion of delaying the election, would Nancy Pelosi become president on Jan. 20, as rumored on social media?


observe: No, Nancy Pelosi would not transform president on Jan. 20 if …

No. The constitution mandates that a presidential period of time ends on Jan. 20. for this reason, it’s true that President Donald Trump and vice president Mike Pence could be out of the place of job at that point. home Speaker Nancy Pelosi would be subsequent in line. 

then again, she would even be out of the place of job on Jan. 3, if federal elections have been delayed. next in line will be the President professional Tempore of the Senate, which is Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA). 


Gary Nordlinger, Adjunct Professor on the Graduate college of Political administration at the George Washington school

Paul M. Smith, Professor on the Georgetown legislation faculty

twentieth modification of the U.S.

Presidential Election Day Act, textual content

Presidential Succession Act

CRS file Congress, Continuity of presidency: present Federal arrangements and the long run

nationwide convention of State Legislatures, Election Emergencies

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On Thursday morning, President Donald Trump shocked many on social media, when he beneficial a want to prolong the upcoming November elections. 

“extend the elections unless people can properly, securely, and safely vote,” he wrote on Twitter. 

soon after the commentary, social media erupted with remarks and questions on whether or not or not this might in fact be completed. As talked about by way of the test crew in the past, the President does no longer have the constitutional authority to delay an election on his personal. 

best Congress has the power to hypothetically lengthen an election. The Presidential Election Day Act, which handed in 1845, mandates that the election be set for the ‘Tuesday next after the primary Monday inside the month of November.’ it may be possible, although extremely not going that Congress may vote to amend this, delaying the election.

If Congress did decide to lengthen the election, it will create a constitutional trouble, given that 20th change mandates that the President’s period of time should finish on Jan. 20 at noon, it doesn’t matter what. 

“which it is advisable change all these dates,” mentioned Gary Nordlinger, a Professor of Politics on the George Washington school. “however that you would be able to no longer alternate the twentieth of January for the oath of administrative center for the incoming president.”

So, who could be in price on Jan. 20?

in step with the Presidential Succession Act, the house Speaker could be next in line, following the President and the vice president. this might suggestions that Democrat Nancy Pelosi would develop into president on Jan. 20. 

because of this #PresidentPelosi was once trending for hours on Thursday morning.

alternatively, all members of Congress run for re-election every two years. If Federal Elections are canceled, Rep. Pelosi would also be misplaced of labor, starting on Jan. 3. 

that is why, we would have to move to the fourth in line, which often is the President pro Tempore of the Senate, Chuck Grassley (R-IA). Senators run for re-election each six years, and so numerous Senators, at the side of Grassley would nevertheless be rather than job January 2021. 

There are constitutional protections for Congressional vacancies. A CRS report for Congress titled “Continuity of presidency” outlines what would happen within the case of a vacancy within the house. 

“The structure bargains that within the experience of vacancies inside the illustration from any state,” it reads. “The governor of the affected state shall problem writs of election to fill such vacancies.” 

it is subsequently possible that Governors can identify for an election for new house individuals. then again, it’s not likely that they are able to be elected, and a model new house Speaker selected in advance of Jan. 20 when the President’s time period finishes. 

prison skilled Paul Smith, from Georgetown college, mentioned that it is extremely not likely that Congress would make a decision to elongate an election. He additionally steered it’s going to be bad. 

“The election used to be held in the Civil battle,” he said. “When half of the u . s . a . was in riot… this is a horrifying time, but it surely’s no longer that roughly horrifying time. We need to have democracy maintained.”