'Fall Guys' Is The Evolution combat Royale Has Been ready For


If your idea of battle royale is focused on shrinking circles and assault rifles, perhaps adjust your thinking. I’ve just spent the morning playing Fall Guys, and . But make no mistake: this game might represent the most important evolution of battle royale since Fortnite added building into the mix.

About 'Fall

'Fall Guys' Is The Evolution Battle Royale Has Been Waiting For

About Guys'

Here’s the setup: you’re a weird rubbery pill thing, and you’re on a game show that looks more than a little like Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. You start out running down an obstacle course with 59 other weird rubbery pill things, and by the end of it only 45 of you will advance to the next round. The next round will be something else: maybe some other weird obstacle course, maybe a team game where you have to steal tails off each others butts, maybe something I haven’t seen yet, but more players will be eliminated. Fewer and fewer, until only 1 remains.

It’s battle royale, right?

'Fall Guys' Is The Evolution Battle Royale Has Been Waiting For

What’s most interesting to me is that Fall Guys actually sacrifices very little of what defines battle royale, despite the wacky, nonviolent setup. It’s all here: the insane, moshpit of an early phase, the escalating tension, the thrill of watching yourself stand tall as others fall, what I only assume is the elation of final victory.

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What this game might do better, though, is the key element of any battle royale. A battle royale has to be fun to lose, because that’s what 59 out of 60 competitors are going to be doing every round. And damn, if this isn’t fun to lose: it’s insane, bouncy weirdness, top and and down, and it doesn’t really matter if you’re come out on top so long as you get to go again.

We’ve seen a lot of games try to mimic the essential structure of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds with wildly varying degrees of success. What Fall Guys does is different. It doesn’t just add new abilities and items into the basic “kill everyone until you or your team are the only ones left standing formula”. By conceptualizing a battle royale without that basic verb “kill”, it turns it into something totally different that still keeps the essential building blocks of what made PUBG so successful.

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