Flames foundation seem to be to increase 50/50 raffle as Calgary advances …


After a record-setting night, the Calgary Flames Foundation is setting its sights on an even bigger 50/50 jackpots as the Flames advance to the next round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Ticket sales for the 50/50 draw accompanying Calgary’s series-clinching win in Game 4 against the Winnipeg Jets Thursday night climbed all the way to $1.8 million, smashing the foundation’s previous record of about $300,000, set during Game 3 of the series.

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Flames Foundation look to expand 50/50 raffle as Calgary advances …

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“It’s historic for us, so we’re really happy about it and grateful for the support,” said Calgary Flames Foundation executive director Candice Goudie.

“Last night was a great jackpot for us and we’re very, very excited for the potential to raise more dollars now for at least four games.”

Flames Foundation look to expand 50/50 raffle as Calgary advances …

The winning ticket in the draw has already been claimed, with one fan walking away with nearly $900,000 — more than the salaries of some young Flames who are making big impacts on the ice this post-season, including Dillon Dubé and Andrew Mangiapane.

Though Calgary’s latest jackpot set a team record, the Flames’ cross-province rivals have broke worldwide records with their jaw-dropping 50/50 pots.

The jackpot for Game 3 of the Edmonton Oilers qualifying round series on Wednesday reached more than $5.4 million. Their Monday pot surpassed $3.2 million.

Though the Flames and Oilers boast an intense on-ice rivalry, Goudie said she was happy to see the staggering ticket sales, saying it showed there’s appetite in Alberta for more big draws.

“As much as we compete with the Oilers on an ongoing basis, both of our charities support Alberta charities and we think their success is a tremendous thing for our province,” she said. “We’re obviously watching their jackpot and these historic records they’re breaking, but we’re also working on our program to make it as successful as we hope and think it can be.”

The foundation has submitted a proposal to the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission for changes to ticket sales and pricing meant to drive bigger jackpots. They’re currently awaiting approval but hope to announce details early next week, before the Flames begin their next series.

Goudie said that half of the 50/50 pot that doesn’t go home to a lucky fan is directed to the foundation’s programming, as well as southern Alberta not-for-profits. As well, she said the foundation has launched a COVID-19 Community Support Program that has distributed $1.5 million to charities either responding to or impacted by the pandemic.

The Oilers are expecting another massive jackpot for their 50/50 draw Friday for their decisive Game 4 against the Chicago Blackhawks.

The game starts at 4:45 p.m., with the raffle opening at 9 a.m. and is set to run until 10:30 p.m.

By 11 a.m., the draw had already reached about $325,000 in ticket sales.

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