Game Preview #15 – New Jersey Devils vs a Edmonton Oilers


The Match-up: NJ Devils (4-6-4) contra a Edmonton Oilers (10-5-2)

The Time: 9pm ET

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Game Preview #15: New Jersey Devils vs a Edmonton Oilers

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October was some-more like AHHHHHHHHctober for a Devils this year, with an extended strain of waste that usually didn’t make sense. Our initial assembly with Edmonton was one of those games. The fourth detriment in a quarrel came in a shootout finale a diversion that looked like this:

Game Preview #15: New Jersey Devils vs a Edmonton Oilers

Natural Stat Trick

Natural Stat Trick

Teams are not ostensible to remove games they browbeat like this. And we would’ve gotten divided with a win too, if it weren’t for those nosiness referees! The Devils took a 3-2 lead late in a third duration with a thought from Damon Severson (‘Devils lead in a third’ is starting to sound like a curse, we feel like we should be censoring that sentence. Sorry guys, NSFW). Anyway, a referees motionless to call a soothing chastisement afterwards concede a last-minute thought for Edmonton that should not have been authorised given Blackwood had a puck lonesome and a alarm was blown, and to overtime we went. OT and shootouts are not unequivocally advisable when you’re personification a Edmonton McDraisaitls, and yet they survived OT they fell in a shootout. John’s full summation of that diversion is here.

Special Teams were not-so-special for a Devils in a early games, and that was another problem in that diversion opposite Edmonton. The Oilers went 2 for 5 on a male advantage while a Devils energy play was 0 for 2. Up until final night we would have pronounced a Devils have spotless that up, yet a special teams play in Calgary yesterday was a whole lot of not good. To quote Andy Greene from final night’s post-game talk about a chastisement kill, “UGH”. The Devils authorised 15 shot attempts and 2 energy play goals, including one Greene scored on Blackwood himself, and generated usually 5 shot attempts on their 2 energy plays. Cleaning adult a special teams will be a outrageous cause in tonight’s game, as good as usually staying out of a box.

Back to back games are tons of fun if you’re a group that’s not personification on one. Edmonton had final night off after a 5-2 detriment to St. Louis on Wednesday, so they’ll be entrance in both complacent and inspired for a win. The Devils are also entrance in off a tough loss, yet yet a RR time. The discerning turnaround leaves a guys small time to dwell on a relapse from final night, that overtly competence be a good thing— they won’t have as most event to overthink it.

Gauging a Match-up: a plain lukewarm— conjunction group is entrance into this diversion with an unusually clever participation presumably way. Edmonton doesn’t have a high-event, clever gait character of Calgary that felled a Devils final night. They do have clever goaltending and a famously energetic tip line with Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, yet a delegate scoring hasn’t been most assistance again this season. If a Devils can moment presumably Mikko Koskinen or Mike Smith and keep a tip line during bay, they mount a good possibility to get themselves behind in a win mainstay tonight.

Read Between a Lines:The Devils switched their lines adult in a third duration final night, so tonight’s lineup could demeanour different, yet we don’t design there to be vital shuffling given a lines have been mostly successful adult until a relapse final night. Jesper Bratt is approaching to be authorised to lapse to a lineup tonight so we competence see him tab in, presumably in place of a still-struggling Nikita Gusev. we don’t design to see a tip line distant given notwithstanding all of a team’s struggles they still confirmed a certain CF%. In further to that— Taylor Hall done some important errors final night, as he seems to be descending plant to a thought of perplexing to make too most happen. Hall carried this group on his behind his final full season, and he’s perplexing to do it again. He’s picking adult a indicate per diversion yet anticipating a behind of a net most himself so distant yet it seems he could use a collect me adult thought someday soon. Lining him adult alongside a gifted Nico Hischier competence be improved to assistance settle him behind into his MVP form than Jack Hughes who, yet offensively skilled, is a bit some-more of a guilt for Hall to worry about on a other 100 feet of a ice. On defense, a probable we see Mirco Mueller pull behind into a lineup after a mixed diversion hiatus. Matt Tennyson’s underlying numbers weren’t terrible final night yet his tangible play was not good and he did get a bit roughed adult from some blocked shots, so he competence take a chair tonight.

Your Possible Lineup:

Hall – Hischier – Palmieri
Zacha – Hughes – Bratt
Coleman – Zajac – Boqvist
Wood – Rooney – Simmonds
Severson – Subban
Greene – Vatanen
Butcher – Tennyson/Mueller

Edmonton’s approaching lineup:

Draisaitl – McDavid – Gagner
Neal – RNH – Kassian
Khaira – Sheahan* – Chiassan
Archibald* – Haas* – Russell
Nurse – Bear
Klefbom – Russell
Manning – Benning

*Both returned from damage as of yesterday, lines competence not be accurate

Your Take: Who should lay if Bratt is means to lapse tonight? Who do we wish to see in goal? What would your ideal lineup for tonight demeanour like? Leave your thoughts in a comments next and interjection for reading!