GMB viewers 'refuse to believe' how old Andi Peters is as he …


Nobody believing how old you are has to be a good thing, right?

As long as it’s because they think you look younger!

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GMB viewers 'refuse to believe' how old Andi Peters is as he …

About 'refuse

This is exactly what Good Morning Britain’s Andi Peters is facing as he celebrates a milestone birthday today.

As part of his celebrations, the presenter returned to the ITV studio for the first time since the UK went into lockdown in March.

GMB viewers 'refuse to believe' how old Andi Peters is as he …

But viewers can’t quite believe how old Andi is.

“Half an century Mr Peters,” host Ben Shephard said on his arrival back in the GMB studio.

Andi replied: “I know, 50, can you believe it, it’s unreal, me, little me 50 years old!”

“You don’t look it Andi,” added host Charlotte Hawkins and that’s exactly the mood from fans.

“I cannot believe @andipeters is 50! He looks amazing!!! Happy birthday Andi!!! #GMB,” wrote one viewer.

Another said: “Omg can’t believe Andy’s 50 is this a wind up 40 I’d say looking good it’s true Happy Birthday Andy.”

It’s been 138 days since Andi was last in the studio
(Image: ITV)

“There is no way @andipeters is 50 OMG,” added a third.

While another said: “Andi Peters!! 50? That’s madness. He hasn’t aged at all #GMB #HappyBirthday @GMB.”

And a final comment joked: “Happy 30th birthday @andipeters ! (I refuse to believe you’re 50!)”

Speaking about being back with the ITV team after presenting the competition segment from his shed for months, Andi said: “It’s been 138 days since I’ve been in this studio which seems mad because it is our home, so it feels crazy to be here, but it’s great to be back.

“So few people, lots of masks,” he added.