GMB's Andi Peters astonished by way of Piers Morgan's birthday message …


Good Morning Britain’s Andi Peters shocked viewers this week when he revealed he is turning 50.

He was inundated with messages from people asking what his secret is to looking so youthful despite his years.

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GMB's Andi Peters astonished by Piers Morgan's birthday message …

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And speaking to hosts Adil Ray and Charlotte Hawkins on Thursday, he revealed he had gone to dinner the night before with some friends for a socially distanced meal.

He also let slip a surprising detail about one of the unexpected happy birthday messages he receieved.

GMB's Andi Peters astonished by Piers Morgan's birthday message …

Andi was shocked to receive a kind message from Piers
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He was presenting once again from his shed which he had decked out with birthday balloons, after his first visit to the studio since lockdown began on Wednesday.

Andi told Charlotte and Adil he was shocked to get a message from his nemesis Piers Morgan, after they have been embroiled in a long standing feud.

“Can I just say, thank you to everyone at Good Morning Britain, really beautiful presents so thank you to Neil and the team, fantastic, love it,” he gushed.

“And also all my friends, family, people who said happy birthday on the street, and all the presents I got.

Piers is currently taking a break from hosting the show
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“Honestly, genuinely, I have been so moved by how many people said nice things on my 50th birthday.”

Covering his mouth as if he was telling a horrifying secret, Andi added: “Even Piers!”

Fuming Piers threatened to have Andi fired amid accusations of “fat-shaming” live on Good Morning Britain in March this year.

Andi and Piers have had several awkward clashes live on air
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Andi appeared in the studio with a stall full of pies to promote the ITV competition and jokingly asked: “I wonder who has eaten all the pies in this studio,” before eyeballing Piers.

Piers claimed it triggered his “anxiety” and “self-loathing” as he berated Andi for being a hypocrite.

Insisting that Andi had been “offensive and wrong”, seething Piers demanded an apology and hinted that Andi should be fired.

Later on in the same show, Andi returned to the studio and faced off with Piers once again.

“If I was going to do that fat thing I wouldn’t wear such a tight top,” Piers suggested as he turned the tables on his co-star.

When Andi told him to Google ‘Andi Peters Men’s Health’, acid-tongued Piers replied: “Mate, no one Googles Andi Peters let alone Andi Peters Men’s Health.”

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