Governor Cuomo proclaims That, in response to every area's …


<!–Governor Cuomo Announces That, Based on Each Region’s Infection Rate, Schools Across New York State are Permitted to Open This Fall | Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

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Governor Cuomo Announces That, Based on Each…


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Governor Cuomo Announces That, Based on Each Region's …

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Every Region’s Infection Rate Is Below the Threshold Necessary By The State’s Standards To All Schools To Reopen Based on Strict Department of Health Guidelines 


Governor Cuomo Announces That, Based on Each Region's …

In-Person vs Partial Reopening to Be Determined Locally By Each Individual School District 


Department of Health Will Review Submitted Reopening Plans From School Districts And Notify Districts of Their Status on Monday


School Districts Must Have Three-Five Public Meetings with Parents Prior to August 21

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