Hunter Hayes and Jojo Siwa Are major 'The Masked Singer …




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About Hunter
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Hunter Hayes and Jojo Siwa Are top 'The Masked Singer …

About major
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The Masked Singer
truth television

workforce C will take the Masked Singer stage for the final word time on Wednesday night than three final contestants infiltrate the bring’s excellent 9. just one extra taking away stands between the celebrities and the subsequent move to turning into the Masked Singer Season 3 champion.

Hunter Hayes and Jojo Siwa Are top 'The Masked Singer …

ultimate week the sequence noticed former Disney Channel celebrity Bella Thorne, who used to be dressed as Swan, eradicated. She defined she’d chosen the masks in keeping with the Twilight persona Bella Swan, a slightly to her own first identify. Thorne moreover claimed she joined the exhibit after being guessed so time and again thru judges on prior seasons.

Thorne is a long way from the one huge celebrity eradicated on Season three thus far. She joined Sarah Palin, Drew Carey, Chaka Khan, Tony Hawk, Lil Wayne, Dionne Warwick and Tom Bergeron as the primary-round castoffs this season.

The Masked Singer asks judges and enthusiasts to guess which thriller famous person is below each and every mask. it is now not apart from they are despatched residence that their true id is revealed. With 4 singers left in staff C, fanatics have begun to come up with some compelling theories. this is what the general public thinks of the rest contestants.

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fans seem torn on who can be below the Rhino mask on ‘The Masked Singer.’
Michael Becker/Fox


there may be one establish which is been talked about through lots of Twitter customers staring at The Masked Singer: Hunter Hayes. the U.S. famous person has recently been tied to Astronaut on the collection, even if the true id has but to be published.

this is a attention-grabbing twist, as judges guessed Hayes for some other personality: Turtle, from group A. fans are certain Turtle is in fact Jesse McCartney, despite the fact that.

there are a selection of alternative names associated with Astronaut together with Joseph Gordon Levitt, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Lance Bass.

T Rex

another assured thought lies in the imaginable identification of T Rex. internet customers appear sure Jojo Siwa is the singing famous person. no longer only does Siwa have a tune occupation (and her vocals can easily be compared with these of T Rex), but she matches the make a choice’s theory that the performer can be a YouTuber.


it’s more difficult to pin down a unanimous concept surrounding Rhino’s id. Twitter buyers appear far and wide the board, alternatively suggest a handful of united states of the us singers like Keith metropolis, Brett youthful and Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line. Others listed professional athletes.

night Angel

The Masked Singer fans seem sure Kandi Burress is under this spooky, but serene masks. It appears to be as a result of the singer’s highly efficient vocals, which some think in form the Xscape artist.