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One of the world’s biggest names in celebrity goss is heading into the jungle, and you better believe he’s done his research.

Before surrendering himself to whatever Dr Chris Brown and Lady Julia Morris have in store for him, Perez Hilton sat down with 10 daily to spill the tea.

“The most important thing is: I thought it would be fun,” Perez said when asked why he agreed to head into the jungle. “I’ve done reality TV before, but the last time I did it was a traumatic experience for me.”

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'I Wouldn't Bet On Perez Hilton': Controversial Global Gossip Mogul …

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Perez Hilton I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

Referring to the 2015 season of ‘Celebrity Big Brother UK’ where Perez was in a house for 29 days with celebs like Katie Price, Michelle Visage, Calum Best and controversial right-wing Twitter personality Katie Hopkins.

“There were no ‘trials’ there, but it was non-stop torture,” Perez said, adding, “I had never done anything like that before.”

'I Wouldn't Bet On Perez Hilton': Controversial Global Gossip Mogul …

A lack of sleep sent Perez — in his words — crazy. “I was saying sh*t like ‘My brain hurts… I feel like my brain is under water’. Towards the end of the first two weeks I was starting to speak gibberish, it was crazy.”

This time, armed with prescription sleeping pills, Perez said his only hope is that he doesn’t go crazy in the jungle. Too crazy, he qualified.

You can tell he’s done his research as he casually rattles off facts about his future campmates, saying he hopes people don’t prejudge him, “Just like Nikki [Osborne] was talking about having preconceived notions about Erin [Barnett]”.

He gushes about Rhonda Burchmore, he’s fascinated with her, infatuated. “She’s such a well-rounded individual, there’s so much depth to her. She’s got humour, she’s got substance, she’s got a bit of everything.

“I’m in love with Rhonda,” Perez said. “I want to have a showmance with her! A non-sexual showmance.”

On the first of January he gave up drinking coffee, which resulted in daily migraines for two weeks. Better suffering that outside the jungle than in, he agreed.

Despite being incredibly prepared, Perez believes he has no chance of winning ‘I’m A Celebrity’.

“The odds of me winning are zero,” he said. “I would not bet on Perez Hilton. Two years in a row, a male homosexual from America who’s a gossip columnist going to win ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Australia’? It’s not going to happen!

“However, I love that. I love knowing that I’m not going to win because it gives me the liberty to shake things up. It gives me the liberty to not feel the need to placate the viewer because I want them to keep me in the jungle, even though I want to stay in the jungle.”

For Perez, winning means staying until the last episode — not necessarily taking out the title of King of the Jungle.

Having the experience of ‘CBBUK’ under his belt, Perez is actually looking forward to not having his phone, but being away from his two daughters and son will be difficult.

“I’m so close to my family, I’m such a hands-on dad,” he said, “but at least I know that they’re in good hands. My mum lives with me, so she’s taking good care of them.”

Perez’s hair is a carnival candy floss mix of bright pink with a streak of blue through the centre. Three of his fingernails on his right hand are painted in a similar way, as a visual reminder of his kids — Mario, Mia Alma and Mayte Amor.

“I don’t think there’s a mirror in camp so I won’t be able to see [his hair], but at least I can look at my nails and have a daily, constant reminder. A visual anchor,” he continued. “Just to be able to look at my nails and see my family I think will be really helpful for me.”

He may be heading into the jungle to have fun and to make his kids proud, but Perez also added that he loved the charity aspect to ‘I’m A Celeb’.

“I’m doing this to raise money for a wonderful cause called OzChild,” he said. “In America I’m very involved in youth causes. I’m a big kid!” he said, laughing.

“I wanted to find an organisation that did work in Australia, that was youth-centric and that spoke to me,” he said. “This one does. OzChild helps find foster homes for children in the foster care system… It also helps train and recruit families that are interested in fostering.

“That’s a beautiful, wonderful thing.”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs Sunday to Thursday at 7.30 on 10 and .


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