I'm a star 2019 begin time – What time does I'm a celeb begin …


Comedian Andrew echoed the fears of his other campers by saying he fears the “creepy crawlies.”

Jacqueline even went as far as to say “everything” in camp is her biggest phobia.

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I'm A Celebrity 2019 start time: What time does I'm A Celebrity start …

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Roman had a much more obscure phobia heading not the jungle as he said: “Cotton-wool and I won’t like trials in the dark.”

Caitlyn, however, said she doesn’t have any phobias while James refused to reveal his to ITV.

I'm A Celebrity 2019 start time: What time does I'm A Celebrity start …

TV presenter Kate said: “Spiders, heights, being in a box covered with snakes – I am terrified of absolutely everything.”

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! 2019 starts tonight at 9pm on ITV.