Is Preston metropolis Council preparing Preston For a neighborhood Lockdown …


Rumours of a Preston lockdown have rumbled over the previous couple of weeks, with fuel being offered to the rumours when Lancashire’s Director of neatly being talked about he expects metropolis to be in lockdown inside days.

Lancashire’s Public Director Of well being, Dr Sakthi Karunanithi, recommended BBC Radio Lancashire the previous day (sixth August), Preston can also be in lockdown in an issue of days.

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Is Preston city Council preparing Preston For a detailed-with the aid of Lockdown …

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This morning a Preston city Council spokesman indicated that the native authority used to keep in mind that lockdown is an notably real probability.

On social media, town Council mentioned:

Is Preston city Council getting ready Preston For a regional Lockdown …

“Please discover: if/when govt pronounces any extra restrictions for #Preston we will imply that you could recognize.

“regardless of any bulletins, we nevertheless need your support stopping the unfold of coronavirus.

“Please proceed to:

  • steer clear of friends to your own home
  • placed on a masks in all enclosed public areas
  • get examined if you’re feeling ailing
  • wash sanitise your fingers
  • existing each totally different home”

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