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Isaac Quaynor's shin ripped open as Collingwood defeat Sydney


Australian Rules Football

This one’s not for the feint-hearted.

About Quaynor's

Isaac Quaynor's shin ripped open as Collingwood defeat Sydney

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Collingwood youngster Isaac Quaynor was carted off the Gabba in the final term of his side’s nine-point win over the Swans on Thursday night.

The incident seemed fairly innocuous – Quaynor tackled Sydney debutant Sam Wicks from behind.

Isaac Quaynor's shin ripped open as Collingwood defeat Sydney

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The 20-year-old stayed down and looked worried as the game was stopped for the Pies’ medicos to come out.

Quaynor’s leg was kept stable as he was loaded onto the medicab and very slowly driven¬†off the ground.

It wasn’t clear on the broadcast, but Collingwood later confirmed he’d suffered a gash to his shin.

This photo from after the game reveals just how serious the wound was.

Warning: Graphic content

After the game, Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley, who also had to deal with game-ending injuries to Adam Treloar (hamstring) and Will Hoskin-Elliott (knee), wondered whether Wicks might have been wearing metal studs.

“His studs sort of raked across his shin and actually split his shin six or eight inches completely open,” Buckley told reporters.

“The kid could’ve had metal studs in as well, so that was his bad luck, to tackle the only kid that had that.

“That will be a couple of weeks (out of action) and it will depend on how we can clean the wound and heal that up.”

AFL.com.au‘s Marc McGowan later reported Sydney confirmed Wicks had been wearing standard issue Nike boots, with a combination of plastic and metal studs.

There is sure to be more to come on this front as the League investigates.

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