Kane Brown will pay tribute to late drummer Kenny Dixon in CMT Artist of the yr speech


Dixon was once all for a deadly automotive crash in Christiana, Tennessee, on Oct. 12. The accident came about only a month ahead of he was as soon as set to marry. He was once as soon as 27.

“I wish to devote this to my drummer Kenny,” Brown. “folks failed to suppose we’d make it. He used to be with me the whole time. He was so supportive of me. i actually such as you, man. I omit you. The band misses you.”

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Kane Brown will pay tribute to late drummer Kenny Dixon in CMT Artist of the year speech

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Dixon had been with the band because they started out.

u . s . a . singer Chris younger had offered Brown with the award and as well as had mentioned Dixon’s tragic dying.

Kane Brown pays tribute to late drummer Kenny Dixon in CMT Artist of the three hundred and sixty five days speech

“Understandably, a lot of us can not even think about what he is going via, but right now he felt it was once actually crucial to be right here tonight,” younger mentioned.

Singer Thomas Rhett took a second of silence.

“I simply need to lift up Kane and his family,” Rhett stated. “and that i want to lift up his drummer and their domestic. can i simply pray, truly quick? Is it comfortable with every individual?”

Brown additionally paid tribute to Dixon with an Instagram message on Sunday.

Love you numerous dude!!!” he wrote. “You began all of this with me from the start in 2015 when no person else believed we may make it out of Chattanooga enjoying for 500 folks and your remaining show was once in a Fn Stadium my man. i do know u could be staring at over us with that redneck accent that all of us love and you are going to never be replaced bro!!! I promise u that!!”

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