Kanye West Takes Us to Tuesday Church, Drops 'Wash Us in the …




And he’s only one day late. Kanye West dropped the video for new single “Wash Us in the Blood,” a Travis Scott collab he cryptically teased on June 29, saying then it’d be out on the same day. The song — allegedly off “forthcoming album” God’s Country, but we’ll believe it when we see it — goes harder than most of the music off last year’s Jesus Is King, with West chanting a refrain of “Holy spirit come down / Holy spirit help now.” It’s the closest that noted Trump supporter Kanye has gotten to a protest song in a bit. The video, directed by West-inspired artist Arthur Jafa, cuts together footage of police brutality, Breonna Taylor dancing, Parliament-Funkadelic-esque Afro-futurism, people wearing masks and struggling to breathe, and a gospel choir, among other things. When the music’s over, there’s even a short clip of Kanye’s daughter North dancing at a Sunday Service rehearsal, as he says the chorus of the song. It’s all a lot, which can only mean one thing: It’s Yeezy season again.

Kanye West, Travis Scott Drop ‘Wash Us in the Blood’ Video

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Kanye West Takes Us to Tuesday Church, Drops 'Wash Us in the …

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Kanye West Takes Us to Tuesday Church, Drops 'Wash Us in the …

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