Katie Hill misplaced Her Job In a Flurry Of Leaked Nudes And Tabloid …


It was this crucial time in my life, coming out of the trauma that happened with my ex-husband, and with the photos, and with resigning. And then right after, within two months of when I resigned, my brother passed away. So being able to just sit down and tell my story—it was really therapeutic. I feel like it’s something that I needed to do for myself anyway, even if I hadn’t been able to publish a book. I’m glad that writing the book kind of forced me to do that, because I don’t know if I would have been able to do that otherwise.

There’s this kind of cruel criticism of you, that you have a “story for everything.” Like, “Oh sure, Katie Hill has endometriosis on top of everything else, how convenient.” [In addition to , Hill has spoken openly about her , her , dealing with emergency medical expenses, the fact that she once considered abortion but then , and her and abuse experiences.

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Katie Hill Lost Her Job In a Flurry Of Leaked Nudes And Tabloid …

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Yes! It’s almost too strange, there are these experiences that happen to so many people, but they’re all rolled into one with me. I don’t know why during your life you go through things—and I think there’s got to be a reason behind it, and that’s the only way I’ve been able to cope with it all. But I think part of my job is to tell these stories and hope that some of them have an impact on people. There still aren’t very many people in high-profile positions who talk about these things, so I kind of feel obliged to. I mean, I’ve got the scars from my surgery—it’s one of those weird things where it’s like, “How do I have to prove it to you that this happened?” 

If you feel comfortable sharing, what’s your relationship to sex now—and to your sexuality—after having experienced something so violating?

Katie Hill Lost Her Job In a Flurry Of Leaked Nudes And Tabloid …

To me, it feels like you have to be able to own it even more. It’s about taking ownership of your own body and your own choices, and that’s hard! It’s a process for me to figure out—what are self-destructive behaviors that come in the wake of all this trauma, versus what are healthy coping ones? I don’t necessarily have a good sense of what a normal sex life for me should look like. I’m just trying to take my time with it, but I’m 100% in on sex positivity. I do get nervous about any BDSM stuff, because of my own experiences with it as it tied into an abusive relationship—but other people doing that in a healthy and safe way? That’s great for them. 

Your book attempts to give women and allies a blueprint for fourth-wave feminism. Can you give your elevator pitch for what that could look like?

I tried to put into words our mission as feminists, as warriors, as women, which is to ensure that women are really guaranteed a few basic things—consideration, autonomy, safety, equality, and power. We do need to achieve equal power for any of these things to happen, which means electing women and installing women into positions of power at every level—whether it’s in government, in media, in nonprofits, in the corporate world. And there is a real legislative agenda that can move us in the right direction for all of this. What came out of the book was 10 real legislative goals that have either been composed or passed at the House, or passed at certain state and local levels, but have been blocked at the national level by Republicans. I don’t even think this should be a partisan issue! But it is. With HER Time, the PAC that I started, the overarching goal is to be able to elect women and then push forward this agenda. And I’m hoping we can get that to become a movement.

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