Katie Holmes can be serving burgers to reinforce households in want


Patrons at Haberfield McDonald’s will find Dawson’s Creek star Katie Holmes behind the cash register tomorrow, in support of Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).

Katie is the 2019 McHappy Day ambassador, and says she’s “honoured” to be the face of such an important organisation.

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Katie Holmes will be serving burgers to support families in need

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Ronald McDonald House supports families with seriously ill children through a range of programs, including medical care and retreats.

“We all know that it’s better to be with your family when you’re going through tough times, and to have an organisation that offers that support means so much to people,” Katie says.

Katie Holmes will be serving burgers to support families in need

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Katie is optimistic that RMHC will crack their $5 million target.

$2 from every Big Mac sold will be donated, and you can also support the charity by purchasing a pair of “silly socks” or “helping hands”.


Image: Instagram/Katie Holmes