Kemp pays tearful tribute to 'genius' producer Joe

Roman Kemp

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Capital breakfast host Roman Kemp has paid an emotional tribute to his late producer and “best pal” Joe Lyons.

The presenter and his co-hosts needed to go away their breakfast convey early last Tuesday, after studying of his demise.

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Kemp will pay tearful tribute to 'genius' producer Joe

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Stand-in presenters took over for the rest of the week as Capital’s father or mom agency world gave Kemp and his team time off from work.

Returning on Monday, Kemp explained their absence and paid homage to Lyons, who he talked about “taught me the whole thing”.

Kemp can pay tearful tribute to 'genius' producer Joe

“I on no account idea i might have to try this, ever,” said a tearful Kemp.

“ultimate Tuesday, very , we misplaced one in every of our very best that you can imagine buddies, my easiest good friend and our colleague, producer Joe.

“He used to be as soon as now not merely a part of the Capital Breakfast household but a cherished member of the entire personnel.

“one and all that works proper here at Capital [is] obviously definitely devastated and we’re seeking to course of this all at the same time.”

‘a little of of a Del Boy’

Recalling his early days on the station, Kemp stated: “He was once the primary person I met once I walked in the door, the very first particular particular person.

“I needless to say pondering, ‘who’s this guy?’ This man is just a little of of a Del Boy!” – a reference to the lead persona from the well-liked sitcom handiest Fools and Horses.

“He was once once with me proper from my very first specific, he taught me the whole thing” Kemp persevered, adding that it was once as soon as “really bizarre sitting in a radio studio with out him”.

Kemp, who’s the son of Spandau Ballet’s Martin Kemp, achieved zero.33 in closing yr’s i’m a celeb, Get Me Out Of proper here.

His breakfast show off, co-presented by Sian Welby and Sonny Jay, attracts an audience of round three.3m listeners, in line with the most up to date figures on hand from trade physique Rajar.

Rob Howard and Lauren Layfield took over website online website hosting tasks for the remainder of last week after Kemp and his team of workers bought break day.

‘Like a genius’

The presenter said that any customer who had appeared on the exhibit in contemporary years would have spoken with Lyons, who would greet them with a nice “hiya good friend” ahead of placing them on air.

“each A-lister that you just ever hear on this showcase, they remember who he’s, each person,” Kemp said. “he’s the individual they spoke with first, and will have to you’ve ever referred to as into this deliver, he was the person who picked up the telephone.

“He in truth may now not do enough for other people. He was once once the nicest guy that i know, fingers down.”

The presenter introduced: “the article that he cherished most of all was once doing this exhibit.”

“He was once like a genius arising with these ideas. He used to be pushed by the use of the response from you [the listeners] on a daily basis.”

Kemp’s former co-host Vick Hope, who left the specific prior this 365 days, additionally paid tribute to Lyons on Instagram.

“i truly do love you, bud, so lots. all of us do. i’m hoping that,” she mentioned. “we are so fortunate to have identified you. the arena is a greater situation for having had you in it.

“Your skill and creativity are so significant, then again more than that you’re the kindest, most hilarious, caring, fun, fiercely loyal and striking person any of us had the pleasure of assembly.”

Fellow breakfast host Greg James, from BBC Radio 1, praised Kemp for his “extremely brave” on-air tribute.

“in point of fact so so sad to take heed to this. inconceivable phrases. bearing in mind of you all xx,” brought broadcaster Chris Stark.

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