Liam Hemsworth and Maddison Brown had been viewed Making Out and Getting Their PDA on all through a Date in NYC


  • Liam Hemsworth was spotted getting his PDA on with Maddison Brown during a date night in NYC.
  • The two were also seen on a “romantic stroll” earlier this week.

    Hi friends! Apologies if it’s too early in the morning for you to start thinking about the aftermath of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s divorce, but there are DEVELOPMENTS that we need to discuss!

    As anyone closely following this case breakup will know, since the couple announced their divorce in August, Miley has moved on by dating Kaitlynn Carter and Cody Simpson. And this week the internet had a mini-meltdown because Liam was spotted holding hands with someone new: Australian actress Maddison Brown.

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    Liam Hemsworth and Maddison Brown Were Seen Making Out and Getting Their PDA on During a Date in NYC

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    And it seems like Liam and Maddison have no plans on keeping their romance under wraps, because they were just seen getting their PDA on in the streets of NYC. It’s not just hand holding—Daily Mail has pictures of Liam burying his head in her chest, Madison kissing his cheek, the two of them making out, and Liam putting his hand on her butt. It’s a lot!

    And if you’re wondering how into this situation Maddison is, well, it seems like she’s always had a massive crush on Liam. A few months ago, Maddison played a game of F*ck, Marry, Kill which included the Hemsworth brothers, Margot Robbie, and Hugh Jackman. She said:

    Liam Hemsworth and Maddison Brown Were Seen Making Out and Getting Their PDA on During a Date in NYC

    I’m gonna kill Hugh Jackman and get that one right off the table. I’m gonna marry Margot Robbie because I would like to f*ck her for life. And then I will f*ck the Hemsworth brothers but at the same time, both of them. I couldn’t marry them, I’m too insecure. I would just be like, ‘You’re too attractive, you are never allowed to leave the house.’

    So, seems like she’s probably into it!