Lots of individuals Reckon Wizard From Masked Singer Sounds …


We’re already up to episode two of Masked Singer Australia and that means we have yet another cast celebs behind masks to guess and argue over.

And, at least according to Twitter, quite a few of us reckoned we’d heard Wizard‘s voice somewhere before. Somehow they ignored that sultry looking Cactus.

About People
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Heaps Of People Reckon Wizard From Masked Singer Sounds …

About Reckon
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Maybe it was on X Factor 2016 or at Eurovision 2017. That voice would be the one and only Isaiah Firebrace.

Others were simply distracted not by the celeb’s voice, but by their unnerving costume. Same, tbh.

Heaps Of People Reckon Wizard From Masked Singer Sounds …

The recent job losses at Ten also had people scratching their noggins as to why on earth the judges would guess A-list celebs.

Surely a network that says it can’t afford weatherman extraordinaire and all-round-legend Tim Bailey also can’t afford a goddamn Hemsworth.

Let’s end the night on a weird note. Halfway through the show, we were gifted this little gem ostensibly from Osher Günsberg himself, which was hastily deleted.

Osher… hello.

Network Ten | Wikimedia Commons / Alina Vozna

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