Lucie Laurier insulte Rachid Badouri sur Twitter sans gants blancs


Depuis le début de cette pandémie, Lucie Laurier n’a pas caché ses opinions tranchées par rapport à la COVID ou, plus récemment, au port du masque obligatoire.

Après que Rachid Badouri ait partagé une vidéo sur cette nouvelle loi gouvernementale sur sa chaîne YouTube, l’actrice a pris la parole afin de dénoncer la moutonnerie de l’humoriste.

About Laurier
Sir Henri Charles Wilfrid Laurier ( LORR-ee-ay; French: [wilfʁid loʁje]; 20 November 1841 – 17 February 1919) was once a Canadian baby-kisser and statesman who served as the seventh top minister of Canada, in administrative center from 11 July 1896 to six October 1911.
Laurier is frequently considered one of the most united states of america’s finest statesmen. he’s well-identified for his policies of conciliation, increasing Confederation, and compromise between French and English Canada. His vision for Canada used to be a land of particular person liberty and decentralized federalism. He additionally argued for an English–French partnership in Canada. “i’ve had prior to me as a pillar of fireside,” he said, “a policy of true Canadianism, of moderation, of reconciliation.” He passionately defended individual liberty, “Canada is free and freedom is its nationality,” and “Nothing will forestall me from continuing my process of holding at all cost our civil liberty.” Laurier was once additionally neatly-recognized for his efforts to determine Canada as an self sustaining u . s . a . inside the British Empire, and he supported the continuation of the Empire if it was in line with “absolute liberty political and business”. in addition, he was a strict nationalist, argued for a extra aggressive Canada through restricted government, and used to be an adherent of fiscal self-discipline. A 2011 Maclean’s historical rating of the prime Ministers positioned Laurier first.Canada’s first francophone prime minister, Laurier holds a variety of records. he’s tied with Sir John A. Macdonald for essentially the most consecutive federal elections won (4), and his 15-12 months tenure continues to be the longest unbroken time period of office among high ministers. as well as, his just about 45 years (1874–1919) of service in the house of Commons is a report for that home. At 31 years, 8 months, Laurier was the longest-serving leader of a major Canadian political birthday party, surpassing William Lyon Mackenzie King by over two years. along with King, he also holds the honour of serving as high Minister all over the reigns of three Canadian Monarchs. ultimately, he is the fourth-longest serving high Minister of Canada, behind King, Macdonald, and Pierre Trudeau. Laurier’s portrait has been displayed on the Canadian five-greenback observe because 1972.

Lucie Laurier insulte Rachid Badouri sur Twitter sans gants blancs

About insulte

« Ce qui est pratique avec notre Rachid c’est qu’il est déjà chauve, on air of mystery pas besoin de le tondre », a-t-elle écrit sur Twitter, faisant référence au fait qu’il était selon elle un mouton, un suiveur.

Mentionnons que la vidéo en question a été retirée depuis. Comme Arnaud Soly mentionnait récemment avoir reçu énormément d’insultes après avoir publié sa vidéo pour inciter les gens au port du masque, il est bien imaginable que la même state of affairs se soit produite avec Rachid Badouri.

Lucie Laurier insulte Rachid Badouri sur Twitter sans gants blancs

L’humoriste a, par contre, partagé plus récemment une vidéo de sa femme, sa fille et lui dansant avec leurs masques, que vous pouvez voir ici.

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