Man Utd switch information – Inter chief speaks out on Alexis Sanchez deal

Inter Milan chief confirms intention to sign Alexis Sanchez after Manchester United rebuff loan extension
The Chilean is beginning to re-find his form in Italy since the restart (Picture: Getty Images)

Inter Milan are still hoping to keep Alexis Sanchez despite Manchester United rebuffing their attempts to extend his loan, though could struggle to pay his enormous salary.

The Chilean has been in good form since the Serie A restart, playing in all 12 of Inter’s matches – scoring three times and laying on six assists – and they had hoped to extend his stay.

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Man Utd transfer news: Inter chief speaks out on Alexis Sanchez deal

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United agreed to let Sanchez remain at San Siro until the end of the domestic campaign, against Atalanta on Sunday, though just a few days later they are back in Europa League action against Getafe – a match the 31-year-old will not currently be able to take part in.

Alexis Sanchez scores during FC Internazionale v Brescia Calcio - Serie A
Sanchez has scored or assisted nine goals since Serie A restarted (Picture: Getty)

With United and Inter poised to meet in the final of the competition, the Red Devils declined to let Sanchez continue his loan – with UEFA rules allowing players to play against their parent clubs, unlike the Premier League.

Man Utd transfer news: Inter chief speaks out on Alexis Sanchez deal




Inter, though, could sign Sanchez permanently – or on another season-long loan with an obligation to buy – which would allow him to take part in the Europa League campaign and potentially face United in the final.

CEO Giuseppe Marotta confirmed Inter’s desire to keep Sanchez on Tuesday evening, though a deal will be difficult to pull off particularly if United play hardball over a fee.

‘It is not easy, he has a two-year contract with Manchester United, a heavy contract,’ Marotta told Sky Sport Italia before Inter’s 2-0 win over Napoli.

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‘So we have to evaluate this type of situation, in addition to any negotiation.

‘It would be a shame if we couldn’t reach an agreement because we would like Sanchez both today and in the future, he is an excellent guy.’

Sanchez, Romelu Lukaku and Ashley Young could all face United in the Europa final (Getty)

Although United would have accepted a minimal offer for Sanchez earlier in the season just to get his mammoth wage bill off the books, it has now been suggested they think they can receive around £17million given his fine performances recently.

Inter would not be able to afford such a fee in addition to Sanchez’s salary – which is believed to be as much as £500k-a-week – so have reportedly proposed a swap deal involving Ivan Perisic, who has spent the past season on loan at Bayern Munich.

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