NBC's 'Downton Abbey' opposite ratings general Distribution (exclusive)


NBC’s during a behind of-the-scenes glance of “Downton Abbey” is entrance to a general marketplace after energy landed a placement rights to a arriving special.

focal indicate options and Carnival films’ “Downton Abbey” film premiered in London progressing this week and hits theaters Friday. NBC has scheduled a Sept. 19 atmosphere date in a U.S. for a one-hour behind-the-scenes unique, “Return to Downton Abbey: A Grand adventure,” that takes in a film and collection.

About NBC's

NBC's 'Downton Abbey' singular ratings tellurian Distribution (unique)

About 'Downton

international broadcasters now have an event to collect out adult a module as good – together with within a U.okay., where, to a amazement of “Downton Abbey” fanatics, a opposite does not though have a house. The method aired for 6 seasons on ITV, Britain’s biggest business broadcaster.

NBC and core of courtesy facilities consecrated “Return to Downton Abbey: A Grand experience” from Irish writer Peninsula. The universe indication will expected be famous as “Return to Downton Abbey.” power, a boutique U.k.-primarily formed financial and placement outfit, will move a singular to marketplace as “Downton Abbey: The movie” is launched all over a world, and can supply it a pull during Mipcom in Cannes successive month.

NBC's 'Downton Abbey' singular scores general Distribution (unique)

The opposite is narrated with a assist of actor Jim Carter, who played constant servant Mr. Carson within a strike show, that sole to larger than a hundred territories around a globe. It follows Carter on a sentimental invert to a element “Downton Abbey” filming area – Highclere palace – a place he introduces viewers to in a behind of-the-scenes sequences and other contributors of a express’s forged, together with lead actor Hugh Bonneville, Lesley Nichol, Allen Leech, and Michael C. Fox.

this complement also revisits one of a essential citadel’s ancestral options, and explores a hyperlinks between Highclere citadel’s owners, Lord and lady Carnarvon, and a British stately family.

Former Fox and ITV executive Ronan Hand brokered a rights take caring of drive.

“The illusory get right of entrance to that Peninsula tv has been given to Highclere outpost offers tellurian broadcasters a outrageous event to gain an evergreen reverence to all things ‘Downton Abbey,’” pronounced force’s co-MD Lilla Hurst. “we are gay to be operative with Peninsula on this landmark application.”

Peninsula exec writer David Harvey said: “we are gay energy will expected be holding this unusual radio singular to audiences around a globe. With get entrance to to a critical plain and Lord and lady Carnarvon, ‘Return to Downton Abbey’ will offer a genuine radio provide as we go in a behind of a scenes of ‘Downton Abbey.’”

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