New 'Cyberpunk 2077' Trailers seem to be nearly Too excellent To Be True


Yesterday, CDPR has another episode of Night City, this time focused on two different aspects of Cyberpunk 2077, lifepaths and weaponry.

About 'Cyberpunk

New 'Cyberpunk 2077' Trailers Look Almost Too Good To Be True

About 2077'

This resulted in two new trailers that are almost 100% new footage we haven’t seen before, and both contain probably the most impressive stuff I’ve seen from the game yet, and are much more interesting than the “analyze the crime scene” walkthrough we saw in the last Night City episode.

The first trailer is about Lifepaths, or essentially the background of your version of V. But unlike say, Mass Effect, where your back story is tucked into a few lines of dialogue, this seems like it will drastically alter your game, at least the introduction.

New 'Cyberpunk 2077' Trailers Look Almost Too Good To Be True

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The three choices in the trailer are:

Street Kid – Kind of the most expected version of this story, grow up on the streets, rise up through gangs, etc.

Nomad – Sort of a futuristic hillbilly biker gang that has echoes of Mad Max, but your path will take you to Night City all the same.

Corpo – You start embedded deep in the corporate structure of the city, but apparently as a lackey, rather than a boss. Another rising up story, but coming from a wildly different starting position.

I have no idea if this will change the entire game, but the impression I got is that the introduction will be a lot different before you fall into the main “V” storyline that all three paths probably share. Though I would not be surprised to see each story given you different tweaks and side missions based on characters from your old life. This echoes what CDPR has said about Cyberpunk, that it may be shorter than The Witcher 3 overall, but it also should be more replayable.

The second trailer is just a lot of deeply cool weapons, regular guns, power weapons, smart guns with homing bullets, melee weapons and Deus Ex-like augments to your actual arms, including the famed Mantis Blades that have been a signature of this series since the start.

All of this looks amazing, and again, is probably the best footage I’ve even seen from the game. And it leads me to the same question: is Cyberpunk 2077 really going to make its promised November release date? It’s been delayed multiple times already, but this just seems like such a massive, sprawling game that would be tough to finish on a deadline even without the added complications of COVID. But with three months to go, we have not heard anything about further delays, so we may be locked into November 19 as the truly final date, as it seems to very much want to be a PS5/Xbox Series X third party launch title. But I think it’s too early to say with 100% certainty this game will come out this year. Fool me twice, and all that. But I cannot wait.

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