Oilers honor late Colby Cave with tribute video, moment of silence


The Edmonton Oilers honored late center Colby Cave previous to their exhibition recreation against the Calgary Flames on Tuesday. Cave died in April following concerns from emergency surgical operation to do away with a colloid cyst that used to be as soon as striking force on his mind. He used to be 25. Cave was once honored with a tribute video, which featured photography from his childhood and highlights from his professional occupation which used to be tragically minimize temporary.

each the Oilers and Flames moreover held a 2nd of silence.

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Oilers honor late Colby Cave with tribute video, second of silence

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Cave’s widow, Emily, shared the video on her Instagram with a caption that thanked the Oilers.

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Oilers honor late Colby Cave with tribute video, second of silence

I don’t have any phrases. thanks doesn’t even begin to do justice, Edmonton Oilers. 🧡💙 I pass over my husband, and best chum. i might do the remainder to peer that smile again. My heart is completely damaged. #WeSkateForColby

Tuesday’s game was Edmonton’s first since the coronavirus pandemic put the NHL season on pause back in mid-March.

After making it to the NHL with the Boston Bruins in 2017, Cave spent the last few seasons with the Oilers group. He damage up time between the Oilers and their minor-league affiliate, the Bakersfield Condors, this season, scoring one goal in eleven video games for Edmonton. 

Cave had suffered a mind bleed on April 7 and was once as soon as airlifted to a Toronto health middle. After inserting the participant in a medically-introduced on coma, doctors discovered a colloid cyst that was as soon as hanging force on his brain, which required emergency surgical treatment.

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