People are Roasting Alyssa Milano for Complaining Joe Rogan's …


When it comes to podcasting, Joe Rogan reigns supreme with listeners. The comedian has made a name for himself in creating entertaining, long-form casts that last up to 4 hours an episode (his discussion with Post Malone is a recent example) that feature a wide variety of guests. His guest range from fellow comics and mega star actors, to brilliant mathematicians and scientists, to Presidential candidates and lifelong politicians, and of course pro fighters.

But Alyssa Milano isn’t happy about this.

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People Are Roasting Alyssa Milano for Complaining Joe Rogan's …

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Alyssa Milano doesn’t like that Joe has more listeners than her ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ podcast does.

It’s difficult to pin down exactly why Joe is successful, but the answer may lie in his honest takes on specific political issues. He doesn’t fall into one camp: he espouses conservative views on some topics, like 2nd amendment rights, but is extremely liberal in other regards, like gay marriage and drug legalization. Also, his willingness to invite guests from all sides of the socio-political spectrum has helped garner him a lot of fans. Don’t count Alyssa as one, though.

The Charmed actress went on a Twitter rant against the UFC commentator, angrily wondering how “we live in a world where [his] podcast has triple the listeners [than hers],” and it seems to have rubbed people the wrong way for a multitude of reasons.

People Are Roasting Alyssa Milano for Complaining Joe Rogan's …

The first in that it was tied into a tweet about the social injustices Native Americans endured as they tried to get the name of the Washington Redskins football team changed for years.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

The Twitter rant continued where Alyssa went on to criticize the “challenge accepted” Instagram trend where women posted black and white selfies to support each other, followed by condemnations of Donald Trump, followed by her inability to stop herself from consuming Cheez-Its and her yearning for date nights with her husband and that she needs to spray paint her gray hair with “brown s**t”, then back to criticisms of President Trump and his administration.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

People were quick to point out why they think Joe Rogan has more listeners on his podcast.

A number of people replied to Alyssa’s tweet-storm citing the reasons why they listen to Joe Rogan’s podcast. Some highlighted the host’s willingness to tackle any issue and narrative and have guests from all walks of life and viewpoints to express themselves on his show. Others pointed out that the actress’ tweets were coming off as “jealous” and criticized her “pushy” political narratives as the reason why they don’t listen to her podcast.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Others began to cast doubt on Alyssa’s podcast listener numbers, too, pointing out that The Joe Rogan Experience has much more than three times the amount of listeners of her own program. One user said that she was “conflating fractions and percentages.”

Source: Twitter

Then, there were Twitter followers who bluntly told Alyssa Milano that it’s because Joe’s podcast is simply “better” than hers, while others pointed out other metrics: like the fact that The Joe Rogan Experience is over 10 years old and the comedian has been consistently hosting 4 episodes a week during that time. Alyssa Milano’s Sorry Not Sorry podcast has been available for a year.

But what’s Alyssa Milano’s “beef” with Joe Rogan? RT has pointed out that it may have something to do with Joe Rogan’s supposed political affiliations contrasting those of the Commando actress’. Joe has come under fire for questioning president Joe Biden’s mental health and ability to maintain verbal coherence in his speeches while Alyssa Milano has assiduously advocated for a 2020 Joe Biden victory his the former VP’s bid for the US Presidency.