Police investigating after noose discovered at some other Toronto …


A noose reportedly found at a Toronto construction site has drawn the attention of both police and politicians.

Minister of Transportation Caroline Mulroney took to Twitter to condemn the act on Tuesday evening.

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Police investigating after noose found at another Toronto …

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“I have learned that a noose was found at the CTS operated Crosstown construction site this evening,” she wrote. “This is disgusting and unacceptable. I have spoken to the CEO [Metrolinx] and the [Toronto police] hate crime unit was called to investigate.”

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Toronto Police Service has confirmed to Daily Hive that they are investigating the incident, but said they cannot provide any more information at this time.

Police investigating after noose found at another Toronto …

Ontario Premier Doug Ford also commented about the incident on social media, promising action.

“We will get to the bottom of this despicable act of hatred,” Ford said. “This will never be tolerated here in Ontario and when we find who did this, there will be consequences.”

This is not the first noose found in Toronto, as it was previously reported that the TPS’ hate crimes unit is investigating multiple instances of the distinctive knot being found at Toronto construction sites, over the past few weeks.

On June 26, a noose was found at one of Daniels Corporation’s construction sites in Toronto’s Regent Park neighbourhood.

The company said it took “immediate action” and filed a report with Toronto police.

“We are disgusted and horrified at this heinous act, which we are treating as a hate crime,” the corporation said in a statement on Friday. “This deplorable act against the Black community is unacceptable and we reaffirm that there is zero-tolerance for racism, prejudice, and hate on our construction sites and within our organization.”

“Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident within the construction industry and reinforces that more action is required.”

Police say they responded to a radio call on Saturday, June 27, at 11 pm in the Dundas Street East and Sumach Street area.

At the time, it was reported that employees were assigned to a closed construction site that is not accessible to the public and arrived to work, when they found a noose tied to the ceiling on the 29th floor.

Firm EllisDon also said that a noose was found at one of its construction sites on June 25. The company also reported finding another at a worksite on June 10.

Police said they responded to a call in the Coxwell Avenue and Sammon Avenue area at 12:31 pm that same day.

The act specifically took place at Michael Garron Hospital.

It is reported that workers assigned to a closed construction site, which is not accessible to the general public, arrived at work to find nooses attached to their construction equipment.

Toronto police have been “actively investigating” the previously reported incidents.

Daily Hive has reached out to Crosslinx Transit Solutions for comment and will update accordingly.