Police known as to corruption-accused public servant's house amid WA …


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Paul Whyte, an assistant director-normal at the department of Communities, used to be charged with two counts of corruption. (ABC information: Hugh Sando)

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Claims of ‘chaos within the public sector’ amid fallout from alleged $25m corruption scandal

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Police known as to corruption-accused public servant's house amid WA …

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Assistant director common arrested over $2.5m public sector corruption case

Perth 6000

Police in Perth were known as to a house in Mosman Park, believed to be the care for of Paul Whyte — a extreme profile public servant who was once caught up in a huge corruption probe this week.

Police known as to corruption-accused public servant's house amid WA …

Police have mentioned they have got been known as to the deal with because of an incident, and that scientific help is being supplied with assistance from ambulance officers to 1 particular person.

This week Mr Whyte, an assistant director-normal on the division of Communities, used to be charged with two counts of respectable corruption after a joint police and Corruption and Crime charge investigation.

A 2nd man, Jacob Anthonisz, who isn’t employed in the public sector, was additionally charged.

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they’re accused of constructing false invoices after which transferring the money into firm bank bills sooner than withdrawing it for personal use.

It used to be to start with concept the amount being investigated was $2.5 million dollars, alternatively police say it usually is as lots as $25 million.

Police say they are persevering with their investigations on the house.

A policeman stands outside an open door, with his car parked in the foreground.

Police have been often called to the Mosman Park address, and scientific assist used to be as soon as provided with the aid of ambulance officers to 1 individual. (ABC: Keane Bourke)

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